Cosplay Masquerade

Cosplay Masquerade & Costume Information

Convention Security Policy:

We want everyone to have a safe and fun time at Anime Detour. Please read through the general convention security policy on costumes, props and safety.

Judging, What you need to know
Costume & Weapon Policy
General Security Questions? AD Convention Services

Masquerade/Cosplay Competition

To enter the Cosplay Masquerade, you have two options: The first option is to apply to the
Cosplay Masquerade through the online form. We will let everyone know the date the form will
be available at least one week beforehand. The second way is to do a “walk-in” if you are
waitlisted or not able to apply to the form. We will have a limited amount of “walk-in” slots
available at con on Friday from 2:00pm – 6:00pm. Please find us at the alcove near Main Stage
if you would like to do the former.

Please read through the competition policy. Exceptions for competition are at the discretion of the Cosplay department with in reason of the general convention security policy.

Rules and Guidelines:

Revised March, 2023

Anime Detour is once again proud to highlight some of its members best cosplay, costumes, and skits during our Cosplay Competition on Saturday evening. Below you will find all of the information you will need to participate in the competition.

Remember, all convention policies on costumes and weapons MUST be followed at all times. Yes, even on stage during the costume contest. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the AD Convention Communications.

If you have any questions regarding the contest, sign-up process, or these Rules and Guidelines, please contact the Cosplay Department.

Additional Info

  1. Check-In
    • Cosplay Contest check-in will be open from 2:00pm – 6:00pm on Friday of Anime Detour.
    • We will be located on the main floor next to the entrance for the Main stage (Alcove D). Look for our sign and table
    • If you are unable to Check-In during this time, please contact Cosplay staff before the convention to make other arrangements.
    • All entries must complete registration on Friday & attend Orientation on Saturday morning of the convention.
  2. Orientation
    • All entries, including “wait list” entries, are required to attend the Cosplay Contest Orientation Session at 9:00am Saturday morning in Main Programming.
    • If you do not attend, or show up after we take roll call, you will not be allowed to participate in the contest itself.
    • During Orientation we will go over General Rules and Guidelines, answer any final questions you may have, and show you rehearsal and judging times if you were not able to see the via Social Media, Discord, or the sign near Lakeshore C.
    • Rehearsal times will be posted in the green room.
    • We will also handle potential questions or problems we may find with an entry and collect any missing information.
    • Finally, we will let any “wait list” entries know if they will make it into the competition (for example, if another entry isn’t at Orientation).
  3. Rehearsal
    • Please be on time for your rehearsal slot as excessive tardiness will end in disqualification. If you are going to be late, please let the Cosplay Department know via email, Discord, or sending a representative to the Green Room or Main Stage during rehearsals.
    • Rehearsal will be your time to practice getting on and off main stage, setting your marks with the tech crew and hearing the emcee announce your entry.
    • If you have large or bulky props or costumes, this is the time to rehearse moving them on stage and around the backstage areas.
    • You don’t need to be in your entire costume, but if there are parts that might be a concern (anything tall or wide, or lighting issues for example), now is the time to find that out!
    • Any stunts (flips, jumps, etc.) will need to be done on stage during this time as well to ensure safety. If it not done on stage and is done during the competition, this is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  4. Workmanship Judging
    • Judging will happen in Lakeshore C, which is next door to the Greenroom
    • Signing up for Judging will happen at Check-In on Friday
  • The Green Room will be in Lakeshore B
  • All entries are required to be in the Green Room no later than 90 minutes before the show starts (Typically 5:30pm on Saturday but exact time will be specified at Orientation).
  • Please check-in with the Green Room head or one of your Cosplay Heads when everyone from your entry has arrived.
  • All entrants are to arrive at the Green Room in full costume and makeup. Special consideration may be provided to entrants with difficult costumes if notice is given to event staff prior to the event. Plan on coming early if you have an intensive dressing to do.
  • Once checked in entrants will be assigned to an area/seat and a staff member to tend to their needs and questions.
  • All entrants are required to follow the direction of the event staff once checked in and are asked not to leave the Green Room for the duration of the event.

Prohibited in the Green Room:

  • People who are not entrants in the event or handlers (this does not apply to guardians supervising children).
  • Messy food, food with sauces.
  • Drinks other than water
  • Leaving without acknowledgment of event staff

While in the Green Room, please contact one of the staff if you need anything or have any questions. It is strongly recommended that everyone eat before arriving at the Green Room.

  1. Weapons
    • Please see the convention’s weapons policies.
    • The Anime Detour Security Department, not Cosplay, will make any and all final decisions on props and replica weapons.
  2. Stage Combat
    • Any stage combat and prop weapons is used at your OWN RISK, and only after
      1. A signed liability release form
      2. Demonstrating at your rehearsal that you are capable of executing your performance without injury.
    • If Cosplay or Convention staff determines that you are posing a risk to yourself, other participants or attendees or convention property you will not be allowed to perform your combat. This applies to any entry that involves any weapon. Please prepare for this possibility ahead of time.
    • No hitting near the waist, especially with any sort of prop weapon.
    • If you must “punch” someone, it must be exaggerated and you may not come close to their face.
    • Gun props may not be pointed at anyone, even other skit members. Aim at the ceiling or the floor or off to the left or right of the person, just not directly at them and not at the audience.
  3. Microphones and Sound
    • If you fill out the online form, please be prepared to submit your own audio. Also ensure that it is in good quality (ex. no recording on phone from PC or Speaker) If we find that your audio is not in good quality or ready for stage, we will let you know about this via email before the con or at Check-in.
    • If you are doing a “Walk-on” admission, please bring your music on a flash drive/USB stick, with nothing else on it — just the audio you’d like to use.
    • There will be NO microphones provided for the contestants.
    • There will be no off stage (“god” mic) provided for the contestants.
    • No microphones will be allowed onstage.
    •  If you have any narration or dialogue included with your presentation it must be pre-recorded.
    • Everything must be pre-recorded and submitted to Contest staff at Check-In on Friday OR in the Online Form.
    • You may not speak from stage.
    • If you have any special introduction for the emcee to read those instructions must be submitted as part of your entry form.
    • Pronunciation guides are helpful for the emcee to say things correctly.
  4. Tech Infomation, including Stage dimensions and Stage Etiquette
    • Complete the form with information that will be used by the sound and lighting technicians for your presentation.
    • When backstage and going on to stage you will be directed by the backstage crew.
    • You will enter mainstage on a ramp and then will exit down a small set of stairs.
    • You will enter and exit from the same side of the stage only if your costume prevents you from going down the stairs, so please be aware of other people waiting backstage. *You must request this in your entry paperwork.
    • All performances and props are subject to approval by event staff.
    • Please inform the event staff on your entry form if you need anything set up onstage prior to performance or plan to leave anything on stage after performance.
    • If anything is left onstage by accident after performance stage ninjas well retrieve it prior to the next entrant taking stage.
    • On stage the following is prohibited:
      1. Open flame
      2. Flash powder/paper
      3. Lasers (pens,sites, etc.)
      4. Messy substances (i.e. Fake blood, silly string, liquids)
      5. Strobe effects
      6. Projectiles of any nature
      7. Nudity
      8. Any other potentially dangerous or illegal items at the discretion of Anime Detour Cosplay Contest or Security (If it’s not allowed in public by the City of Minneapolis, MN, it’s not allowed on stage.)
    • If in doubt of any prohibited items, please ask the contest staff.
  5. Re-entry of a previously shown costume
    • If you want to show a costume that has previously been presented at this convention the following criteria must be met.
      1. It must not be a previous award winner.
      2. 50% or more of the costume must be new construction
      3. Documentation of you rebuild must be presented to the judging staff.
      4. You will only get to re-enter the costume once.
    • We understand that you may have learned a new technique, etc and wanted to redo a previously presented costume, we ask that you consider this option carefully.
  6. Green Room
    • Disruptions in the Green Room will not be tolerated.
    • Cutting criticisms of fellow contestants, judges, cosplay staff, or convention staff are unacceptable and may be deemed harassment which can potentially end with disqualification.

If you do not adhere to the rules of the cosplay and guidelines of the convention you will be asked to leave the competition.