Costume Policy

Inside of the Convention Space

  1. !! All Badges MUST be visible at all times. Do not hide them nor cover them with your costume.
  2. This is a family friendly, PG-13 convention. Please refer to Big Blue below on what areas of the body must be covered at all times. If you do not adhere to these policies, you may be asked to change or leave the convention space.
  3. Adhere to the Weapons Policy, if you have any questions, please contact Safety.
  4. Watch the turning radius of your props (especially long items). The turning radius of some items has a tendency to hit other people in the legs. Therefore be careful how you move around.
  5. No sharp objects on your costume or costume props. We don’t want any person to get injured. Sharper items like swords must be sheathed and peace-bonded.
  6. If your costume or prop has any unsealed body paint, anything sticky, messy, or could leave a mark on a surface, you will be asked to change or put it away. (If you cannot touch a surface without leaving a mark, non-dry full body paint, etc)
  7. No profanity displayed on the clothing or costume.
  8. Cosplayers displaying potential religiously or politically offensive iconography: Please wear your costume with tact and discretion. If you go outside the convention area we recommend taking off such iconography.
  9. No realistic-looking state or federal law enforcement uniforms.
  10. Those who abuse this policy will be subject to removal from the convention without refund from the convention or the hotel.
  11. Clarifications on a Costume
    A costume constitutes all parts of the outfit worn, carried, or recently discarded. A costume includes all accessories, props, and items with the person or group of cosplayers. Thus, subject to convention and hotel rulings.

Big Blue

Outside of the Convention Space

  1. !! No full face make-up/masks are allowed outside the convention spaces. This is for public safety.
  2. Keep weapon props in your rooms or properly enclosed for transportation. Local law enforcement will not know they are a prop and for your own safety you should refrain from putting yourself in situations that require you to explain your prop to law enforcement.
  3. Do not point your prop weapon at anyone, no exceptions!
  4. Be careful moving about with big props.

Picture Policy

  1. Move out of the flow of traffic when taking pictures.
  2. Yes, you may pose with your prop. However, don’t wave your prop around. Photoshoots are for posing not action.
  3. Do not point your prop weapon at anyone, no exceptions!
  4. Be careful moving about with big props.