Greetings from Anime Detour

Thanks for your interest in volunteering or staffing! We at Anime Detour always need willing and helpful volunteers to make the convention run smoothly. 🙂 If you would like to become involved with Anime Detour there are a few things you should know:

  1. All staff and volunteers are required to be registered members of the convention. This means get your registration submitted and paid for! Signing up to volunteer does not automatically register your for the con nor does it entitle you to a free membership!
  2. We have a lot of people who want to volunteer. Please, be specific in what you want to do! We appreciate your enthusiasm, but without any ideas where people want to be or what skills they bring makes it very difficult to place them. If you really have no idea, volunteer as a badger or gopher!
  3. If you wish to become more active in the convention planning, then please attend some of our meetings. Meetings: [Info].

We all know that there are benefits to volunteering. It makes you feel better; it can boost your mood; and you can also earn some free stuff. The Volunteer Department has come up with a system in order to reward you for your work.

Earn your first 6 hours to get into the Volunteers Consuite (Vol Con) + the opportunity to spin our Prize Wheel!
Volunteer 10 hours and receive an exclusive T-shirt just for you!!

Volunteer 18+ hours LET US KNOW! We have a special place in our hearts and in our super (not so secret) prize stash for you. 🙂 Volunteer 20+ hours your name is put into a raffle for some interesting prizes.

Again, thank you for your interest in helping us make this convention happen. This is something we hope to do again and again. The first part is building a solid group of staff and volunteers who will be with us from year to year. Here’s hoping you’ll be one of the team!

Talk to you soon!
Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering Descriptions

For those who wish to volunteer, we have plenty of opportunities even at night. The volunteer would sign up for 1 hour or longer shifts with the volunteering department. About 10 minutes before the shift the volunteer would check in with volunteering and then go on duty. Have the department staff who saw the volunteer on duty, sign off on the volunteer card.

We have a pre-convention volunteering training meet and greet where attendees can learn more about how volunteering works. This allows attendees to sign up for some shifts ahead of the convention.

Volunteer Roles Info

Your job, should you accept it, is to make sure that no one gets past you without a convention badge. This means that anyone without a badge shall not pass you into that area. There are multiple areas where you would be needed such as The Dealer’s Room or Artist Alley. This is a good job to start with if it is your first time volunteering.

For this job, you will be assigned a couple of panels rooms. For each panel, you will then count the number of people in attendance. At the end of your shift you will bring that data back to the programming room.

Want to possibly see a different side of your favorite voice actor? Well, here’s your chance. Play Vanna White by helping to show off each item up for auction; also help with bringing and setting up the items at the charity auction site.

Interested in helping out our hard working and wonderful consuite staff? If you are, your job will include being a lackey to awesome people by: keeping those snack bowls full, serving hot food, replenishing drinks in coolers, and making sure consuite is clean. Shifts here are a maximum of 2 hours long.

You will be able to help out our wonderful registration staff with greeting con- goers, checking their IDs, and handing them their badge. You are basically the first person they will see. Shifts are an average of 4 to 6 hours.

If any of these sound interesting to you, please fill out the form below. Remember, you MUST be registered for the convention in order to volunteer.

Volunteer Form

Anime Detour will be lots of fun, especially with your support. Don’t forget about our volunteer party about a month after the convention.

Thank you for volunteering!