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Registration Rates

Below are the rates for Anime Detour registration:


  • (18+) Before Sep. 30: $60
  • (18+) Oct. 01 until Dec. 31: $65
  • (18+) Jan. 01 until Mar. 27: $70
  • Ages 13-17: $45
  • Ages 6-12: $25


At-door Registration:

  • (18+): $75
  • Ages 13-17: $45
  • Ages 6-12: $25

Anime Detour does not issue refunds or process roll-overs.

Badge Pickup

Greenway Promenade – 2nd Floor
Thursday: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday: 9:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 3:00pm


Memberships vs. Tickets

Anime Detour does not sell tickets. Instead, the convention sell memberships to a yearly event. With that in mind, the legal owner of a membership/badge/registration is not the person who paid for it, but the attendee listed on the registration. Only the legal owner of a membership (the attendee) may relinquish, transfer, or pick it up.

Providing false or otherwise fictitious names (i.e. non-legal names) on registrations can make it impossible for a badge to be issued.

Do I need to Register?

YES! Every person attending Anime Detour must either register online or through the mail!

Any individual who intends to enter con-space is required to be registered and have their badge visible. Con- space includes (but is not limited to) areas such as the Dealer’s room, panel rooms, room parties, and programming rooms. There are volunteers in each area that check to make sure every attendee has their badge visible or deny access to people who don’t.

General hotel space (i.e. the lobby, personal hotel rooms, attached businesses) will not require badges.

Frequently Asked Questions

A person may choose anything that is family appropriate (by discretion of the Registration staff) and is of reasonable length. Special characters and/or any inappropriate names will not be allowed.

Anime Detour reserves the right to alter or shorten badge names as necessary.

Anime Detour does not offer any type of a press/media badge for a free or reduced price. Every person attending Anime Detour must be registered


Anime Detour offers an at-door, adult, Sunday-only passes for $15 (minor and children rates do not change). If a person is interested in attending Friday and/or Saturday, a standard membership will need to be purchased. The standard membership will allow the person to attend the full weekend.

If an attendee loses or misplaces their badge at the convention, a replacement badge can be purchased for a fee of $60. Attendee must bring their ID or proof of purchase for a replacement badge to be issued.

A partial refund may be issued if the original badge is found, and the replacement badge is returned before Registration closes on the Saturday of the convention.

  • Lost and found badges will be directed to Safety anytime BEFORE 5pm.
  • After 5pm on Friday & Saturday, Lost & Found Badges will be at the registration desk.
  • Sunday ALL Lost & Found Badges will remain at the registration desk.
  • If it is an urgent matter, and you cannot find anyone at safety, please direct concerns to registration.

We offer an Educational Discount for Anime Clubs and School Groups for 50$ each(Standard of 75$). We accept group registration via our Anime Detour Event site where memberships may be purchased all in a group, or individually. This makes the payment process possible to be individual or by group purchase.

Group Registration Verification

  • A link to your organization/school page or club social media for us to verify your group
  • Group/organization point of contact email for future contact about the group
  • Number of tickets to be purchased/club attendees

Please email for more information on the discount
and hotel information.

Badges will be issued at the convention. Anime Detour does not distribute badges before the convention. Badges will be issued to their legal owner only, a person may not pick up another person’s badge.

  • Pre-registered individuals will pick up their badges individually from the general pick-up line.
  • Groups: The group leader or chaperone as stated in the group packet must sign for and pick up the group badges. These will be available at through the Group/Sponsors/Transfer line in Registration.(If a group registration packet was incomplete, then the group badges will be available for individual pickup from the general line.)
  • Sponsors will be able to pick up their badges from the Group/Sponsors/Transfer line in Registration.
  • Artist Alley badges are processed as a group, and must be picked up from the head of Artist Alley.

Minors – May use any one of the following: A school photo ID, ATC_Payment receipt/proof of purchase, or a government-issued photo ID. An adult family member may also vouch for the minor’s identity after showing their own ID.

Adult – A government issued photo ID that has their date of birth on it is required for anyone picking up an adult (18+) badge. If an adult is unable to produce a government issued photo ID, they will be issued a minor badge. For security reasons, the convention reserves the right not to issue a badge to someone that does not have their ID and cannot prove who they say they are.

Government issued Paper ID’s OK with a valid DOB on it.

IDs must be physically present, NOT on your phone,

Anime Detour will send out an email with a confirmation number in it to all attendees who register. This confirmation number can be validated at This email is for informational, troubleshooting, and transferring purposes only, and does not serve as proof of payment/purchase.

Attendees who registered online will also receive an email receipt with “[ATC_Payment] Receipt” in the subject line. This email serves as confirmation and proof of purchase/payment.

Proof of Payment can include:

  • Bank Statement
  • ATC_Payment Receipt Email
  • Paper Receipt issued if registered in person