New Game+

New Game + is usually used in a Role Play Game for the players to replay the story while keeping some of their data from the previous game as they play through the story again with enhanced challenges and excitement. These enhancements usually come with greater awards and story drove events not seen in the previous game. Anime Detour 2018 is not only called New Game +, we are entering our own New Game + as a convention.

We have prided ourselves on being inclusive to the community so in order for us to continue to grow we have moved to a larger venue. We are bringing additions to our convention such as theme-based decorations throughout the venue, more merchandise, more electronic gaming, more artists, an art show, and a variety of programming for different age groups. Like in a New Game + we are keeping all our previous activities as we start the next quest in making Anime Detour an event for everyone to enjoy.

I am excited to see you join us on this adventure as we Anime Detour embarks on this journey.

Jayson Stob
Chairman of Anime Detour

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