Weapon & Prop Policy

General Disclaimer:

The Anime Detour Convention Services Department will have final word on inappropriate weapons and props. If it is illegal outside the hotel, it is illegal at the convention! Do NOT do it or bring it to the convention. The convention holds the sole right to modify these policies at anytime.

If an attendee has any questions or concerns, please e-mail the convention after reading through the following posted information. We would rather attendees be informed of our policies ahead of time. We would rather not take things away or ask an attendee to change into something more appropriate. We want everyone to have a safe time at Anime Detour and have Lots of fun!

For weapon/prop questions please email Convention Services

Weapon Policy

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time at Anime Detour. Please adhere to the following policy, or risk being uninvited to the convention without refund from the convention or hotel. If there is a question about an item being allowed, please take it up with our Convention Services department ahead of time or at the convention. The convention holds the sole right to modify these policies at anytime.

  1. All Prop Weapons will need to be piece-bonded and/or holstered and/or at your side at all times, except for brief moments for photography.
  2. If Convention Services asks you to put an item away, please don’t argue. Just store the item in question.
  3. Please use common sense with your weapon/prop, otherwise Convention Services will need to confiscate it.
  4. Don’t wave items around. There are many people at Anime Detour and we don’t want anyone accidentally hurt.
  5. If it is illegal outside the hotel, it is illegal inside the hotel.
  6. Don’t carry black prop guns outside the hotel grounds. You don’t want confusion with a run in with the police.
  7. Watch the turning radius of your props (especially long items)! The “turning” radius of some items has a tendency to hit other people. Therefore be careful how you move around.
  8. Prop guns should not look realistic, please mark and seal the tips with orange color.
  9. Peace-Bonding and marking materials will be available from Convention Services.

Allowed Weapons and Props

  1. Prop/Toy Weapons
    Total black colored props that are allowed must have a taped bright colored tip to signify compliance
    Bow & Arrows (Bow should be stringed at one end and wrapped at the other end and taped down [Non-functional])
    Arrows (Please tape the notches and secure in quiver so they cannot be removed, remove all sharp tips).
  2. Swords (sheathed and peace-bonded at all times, even during photography)
  3. Sharp Knives (sheathed and peace-bonded at all times, even during photography)
  4. Replicas (non-sharp, non-metal), and obvious fakes are okay
  5. Bokken (wooden swords must be holstered at side when not taking pictures)
  6. Staffs and other cosplay props.
  7. General props
  8. Rendered inoperable NERF and similar toys (internal mechanisms must be removed)

Banned Items and Props

  1. All Projectile Weapons:
    • Guns, Airsoft Guns, Paintball Guns,
    • Rayguns (those that emit light, sound, or liquid,etc.)
      • (except for NERF toys rendered inoperable)

Conceal & carry of real firearms / weapons

  1. Anime Detour does not allow guns and other projectile weapons on the premises. Projectiles including but not limited to: bullets, pellets, water, laser, noise, paintballs, etc. If it has a firing mechanism, it is not allowed.
    Modified projectiles will not be allowed either, if it has had the capability to fire when it was created, it is not allowed.
  2. No Open Swords, Knifes, or Sharp Items
  3. No realistic-looking state or federal law enforcement uniforms.
  4. No ammunition is allowed
  5. No sharp objects on costumes or prop
    (People don’t want to be poked by a sharp object in the hallway).

We are repeating this again, No Airsoft!
No Projectile weapons of any kind!

If an attendee has a question about their item, please contact Convention Services.
Staff have final word on this matter.

*Updated Jan 8th, 2023