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  1. Check-In
    • Cosplay Contest check-in will be open from 2:00pm – 6:00pm on Friday of Anime Detour.
    • We will be located on the main floor next to the entrance for the Main stage (Alcove D). Look for our sign and table
    • If you are unable to Check-In during this time, please contact Cosplay staff before the convention to make other arrangements.
    • All entries must complete registration on Friday & attend Orientation on Saturday morning of the convention.
  2. Orientation
    • All entries, including “wait list” entries, are required to attend the Cosplay Contest Orientation Session at 9:00am Saturday morning in Main Programming.
    • If you do not attend, or show up after we take roll call, you will not be allowed to participate in the contest itself.
    • During Orientation we will go over General Rules and Guidelines, answer any final questions you may have, and show you rehearsal and judging times if you were not able to see the via Social Media, Discord, or the sign near Lakeshore C.
    • Rehearsal times will be posted in the green room.
    • We will also handle potential questions or problems we may find with an entry and collect any missing information.
    • Finally, we will let any “wait list” entries know if they will make it into the competition (for example, if another entry isn’t at Orientation).
  3. Rehearsal
    • Please be on time for your rehearsal slot as excessive tardiness will end in disqualification. If you are going to be late, please let the Cosplay Department know via email, Discord, or sending a representative to the Green Room or Main Stage during rehearsals.
    • Rehearsal will be your time to practice getting on and off main stage, setting your marks with the tech crew and hearing the emcee announce your entry.
    • If you have large or bulky props or costumes, this is the time to rehearse moving them on stage and around the backstage areas.
    • You don’t need to be in your entire costume, but if there are parts that might be a concern (anything tall or wide, or lighting issues for example), now is the time to find that out!
    • Any stunts (flips, jumps, etc.) will need to be done on stage during this time as well to ensure safety. If it not done on stage and is done during the competition, this is grounds for immediate disqualification.
  4. Workmanship Judging
    • Judging will happen in Lakeshore C, which is next door to the Greenroom
    • Signing up for Judging will happen at Check-In on Friday

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