Category: Artist Alley Policies

The following policies for Artist Alley must be followed by all table artists. Anime Detour and their staff are not lawyers nor copyright/trademark owner of items you are likely to draw for art, and thus cannot make judgement calls on this behalf. You must follow all Federal, state, and local laws when creating/selling art, especially fan art.

As a general rule, the following are potentially safe and may be sold:

  • Original Character Work
  • Commissioned hand drawn works made at the convention
  • Individual handmade items that are unique and in the artist’s own style
  • Fan art which is clearly made by the artist and not the license holder. Which do not contain trademarked items. Companies must actively defend their trademarks or risk losing them.

As a general rule the following should NOT be sold within the alley:

  • Food and beverages of any kind.
  • Raffles, Wheels, etc, where a purchase is required or increases chances (due to local laws).
  • Copyrighted/Trademarked logos and designs (whether or not they are unique or not).
  • Traced, copied, or photoed art of a copyrighted/trademarked source.
  • Products you did not create yourself (pre-packaged/bought items) – exception: original designs you created yourself. But not sold in stores.

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