Code of Conduct

Anime Detour Code of Conduct

  1. Use Common Sense, Respect your fellow attendees.
  2. No live steel, keep it tied and in the sheath at all times.
  3. No real guns! Nothing that fires a projectile of any kind. No Airsoft. See: Weapons & Prop Policy
  4. No fighting! This includes, Sparring, or Play fighting.
  5. Sleeping in hallways or convention spaces is not allowed.
  6. Misuse of any property or convention space may result in permanent confiscation and/or expulsion.
  7. Report stolen or damaged property and/or personal injury to Convention Services, do not try to take matters into your own hands.
  8. Please help us by respecting and following directions given from staff members.
  9. No Under Age Drinking! Anyone serving alcohol in their room MUST card! If you’re caught serving or enabling minors, you WILL be permanently ejected, face criminal charges and all of your liquor will be taken.
  10. If it is illegal outside the hotel, it is illegal in the hotel.
  11. Use Common Sense, Respect your fellow attendees! We work very hard to bring you this convention every year, please help us by following the rules and being polite and courteous to others.

General Notices:

Hennepin County, Minnesota Curfew:

This is a notice to all attendees under the age of 18 that the local municipality has a curfew ordinance. Please read their website for official information on all their policies. Hennepin County Curfew

Pets & Service Animal Policy:

Only Service Animals may accompany their disabled handler in accordance with local and federal law. Otherwise, please leave your pets at home. Anime Detour and does not allow pets at the convention.