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Anime Detour 2022: Old School 3.0 We Can Redo

We will link and post on this page when information becomes available for programming and events for Anime Detour. This information may change slightly as updated information becomes available.

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Bus schedule
Anime Detour will have three shuttle buses running approximately
20 minutes apart (overnights after 2am will have one bus).
If you need a lift bus for wheelchair or other accessibility, please call
612-615-5135 to schedule a pickup.

Bus Stops:
MCTC parking garage, on Hennepin Ave 100-150 feet past the
entrance / exit driveway.
AC Hotel Minneapolis, on 4th St near it’s parking exit.
Hilton Minneapolis, on S 11th street at the exit.
Hyatt Regency, on W Grant street.

Friday – starts at 10am
Saturday – 2nd bus starts at 7am, 3rd bus at 10am
Sunday – last bus leaves 10 minutes after closing ceremonies