COVID Policy

Updated: February, 14, 2022

Thank you for your cooperation with these new and updated rules. It is thanks to these that we are able to put on a safe convention for everyone after not having a physical convention for two years. As with all other rules and guidelines, Anime Detour reserves the right to ask you to leave the convention and remove your badge if you cannot follow these policies.

If the City of Minneapolis or the State on Minnesota have stricter mandates at the time of the event, those will be followed.


  • Masks must be worn in the convention space at all times.
  • Masks must fit properly and snugly, fully covering your nose and mouth. They must be held up with an attached strap that goes around the head and/or ear that is not reliant on any other material to hold it up.
  • Masks must be made of substantial material: masks made of plain fabric such as gaiters, bandanas, mesh, or masks with significant holes / openings around the mouth area are not allowed.
  • If you are wearing a helmet or face covering of any type, a proper mask must be worn under it.
  • Masks may be removed for eating or drinking, but must put back on immediately.
  • Masks cannot be taken off during photography in the convention space.


  • All attendees 5 years of age or older must be fully vaccinated or have had a negative COVID test performed within 72 hours of picking up their badge.
  • Vaccination status or negative test will be checked when picking up your badge.
  • FULLY VACCINATED: 2 weeks after completion of a two dose mRNA series (Moderna/Pfizer) or one dose of the J&J vaccine. Booster shots are recommended, but not required.
    • Your physical vaccination card, a clear photo of the front and back of the card on your phone, or the Docket app will be accepted. Your name and dates of vaccination must be clear and visible.
  • NEGATIVE TEST: Test must be performed at a clinic. At home tests will not be accepted.