Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest

AMV Policies


Entries will be judged in the categories of Drama, Action, Comedy, Dance/Upbeat, and Romance. Awards will be given for the best entry in each category, a single Best in Show, and there will likely be Judge’s Choice Awards as well.


The entries will be screened and judged prior to the convention. We will only show as many videos as can be fit into the time period allotted to us.


The winners will be announced and awards given out and the winning entries re-played at a special panel on Sunday of the convention.


If you would prefer to enter your video for exhibition purposes only, please indicate so on your entry form. Please take note that exhibition videos may be cut due to time restraints. Anime Detour staff members must enter under this category.

NOTE: Anyone may enter the contest, but judging will be heavily-weighted towards entrants who are either local to Minnesota and its surrounding states and/or are registered for and attending Anime Detour. Prizes will not be mailed outside the country, sorry.

Submitting Your Entry

You may now submit your entry by either postal mail or digital download!

To enter via postal mail, use the form below and mail your entry to the address provided.

To submit your entry digitally, send a link to the download of your entry along with a copy of the completed entry form below to the AMV Coordinator.

Digitally submitted entries must be received by 11:59pm CST on the date of the contest deadline.

Please note that Anime Detour cannot provide webspace for you to upload your entry. If you do not have webspace of your own to utilize, we can accept links from free services such as Sendspace or Mediafire.

AMV Submission Instructions

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Inquiries or Questions?

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