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Anime Music Video (AMV) Policies

Please note that there is limited available space for contestants. Submitting an entry does not guarantee that your AMV will be shown during the contest.

  1. All entries must be received IN ADVANCE by March 1, 2021. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after this date.
  2. Each contestant is limited to one entry.
    • If you are a part of a studio with multiple members, we will accept entries from each individual studio member. Each studio member is allowed one video entry.
    • Each entry per member will require a separate entry form.
  3. The contest will only accept digital submissions (no VHS). These submissions must meet the following digital criteria:
    • Entries must be stand alone data files on either CD(s) or DVD(s). We will not accept authored (playable) DVDs.
    • Files may be AVI, MPEG, MP4 or WMV. Other formats, such as Realmedia or Quicktime, will be rejected. Our preferred format is MP4. If we cannot read your video file, your video will be disqualified.
    • Video files may be spanned across multiple discs if needed using either ZIP or RAR.
  4. Video bumpers (intro/outtro/credits) are acceptable but they should be as short as possible. Videos with bumpers that exceed 10 seconds total will be disqualified.
  5. All videos must be less than 5 minutes in length total, including bumpers.
  6. Anime Detour is a family friendly convention, and as such, videos should not contain any sexual nudity (hentai), excessive violence, or particularly offensive materials. This includes profanity or other offensive audio (song lyrics and other audio used). This exact determination is up to the Anime Detour AMV Contest director. If you believe your video may violate or come close to violating this rule, please contact the contest director for more details using the contact information given below.
  7. At least 70% of footage used in your entry must be Japanese animation or it may be subject to disqualification. (Note: We are no longer accepting Avatar: The Last Airbender videos.)
  8. We will only accept work by the original author. Your real name, address, and signature are required when filling out the entry form.
  9. Entries submitted to other contests may be accepted. However, a video will not be eligible if it has won at a previous contest/convention.
  10. We encourage videos that have been created within the last year. Older videos, however may also be accepted.
  11. Entries will not be returned. Please make sure that you send us a copy of your work and not the original.
  12. Print out the entry form and make sure to include it with your submission package. Please label your CD and/or DVD on the outside of the disc with your name.
  13. Any entry not following these rules is subject to disqualification.