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Welcome to Anime Detour’s home at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. We have six floors of programming, events, gaming and everything else you love in a con.

Getting to the Convention

The Hyatt Regency sits on many popular bus lines, as well as only a few blocks away from both the Blue and Green lines of the Light Rail. From the light rail, you can either walk or take connecting buses.


There is an attached ramp to both the Hyatt Regency and the Millennium hotels. There will be a discounted rate at the Hyatt ramp for those STAYING at the hotel. Make sure to ask the hotel front desk for the discounted rate when you check into your room.

In addition to the ramps attached to both the Hyatt Regency and Millennium, we have also secured parking at the nearby MCTC ramp. It will be $5 a day. If you are staying at a nearby hotel and will be parking overnight, make sure to talk to the parking attendant to pay for multiple days. You will be given a dash tag for your car to show you have paid.

Our friends at Furry Migration have made this video to show how to easily get to the MCTC ramp and get back to the Hyatt.

Room Reservations

If you like to stay with us at the hotel or one of our nearby overflow hotels, please visit the Reservations Page for more information.

Overflow Hotel

Anime Detour is proud to partner with the Minneapolis Hilton and the Millennium hotels to provide additional overflow rooms supporting the convention. The Millennium is located directly across from the Hyatt while the Hilton is on Marquette and 11th St, to help ensure you can reach the convention wherever you stay there will be a regular shuttle bus running between all the hotels and our overflow parking. We look forward to seeing you there.