Q: Awesome, I want to host one of these neato parties! What do I need to know?

A: GREAT! First, you need to register for the convention here. Then you need to submit your party idea here. After... Read More

Q: What does the Room Parties department do?

A: The Room Parties department coordinates everything in regards to hosting a room party. We handle all of the... Read More


A: YEAH, we love it when people want to party! Please make sure that you are respectful, not only... Read More

Q: When are the room parties open? How do I know when to go?

A: Room parties will have their hours listed in the program books, on signs outside the rooms, and on... Read More

Q: Should I dress up? What should I wear?

: Whatever you want, as long as everything that legally needs to be covered is covered. If you want... Read More

Q: Will there be alcohol there?

A: Some room parties will be serving alcohol, yes. And before you ask – yes, you will be carded... Read More

Q: Do I need to pay to get into them?

A: Nope! Room parties don’t sell anything except registrations for other conventions. HOWEVER, it’s a great idea to tip... Read More

Q: So, like, what do you do in a room party?

A: There are all kinds of activities in the room parties, depending on the theme and the hosts. Some... Read More

Q: What is a room party, you might ask?

A: They are parties hosted by convention attendees in the cabana rooms on the first and second floors around... Read More