FAQ Category: Registration FAQ

  • Confirmation Email vs. Proof of Purchase

    Confirmation Email vs. Proof of Purchase Anime Detour will send out an email with a confirmation number in it to all attendees who register. This confirmation number can be validated at www.animedetour.com/regtransfer. This email is for informational, troubleshooting, and transferring purposes only, and does not serve as proof of payment/purchase. Attendees who registered online will […]

  • Picking up your Badge

    Badges will be issued at the convention. Anime Detour does not distribute badges before the convention. Badges will be issued to their legal owner only, a person may not pick up another person’s badge. Minors – May use any one of the following: A school photo ID, ATC_Payment receipt/proof of purchase, or a government-issued photo ID. […]

  • Group Registration

    Any group of attendees may submit their registrations together in a single registration packet with a single check. When registering with a group, all badges will be picked up together by the group leader/chaperone. The group leader/chaperone will then distribute badges to group members. All groups must fill out the Group Contact Information and List […]

  • Lost Badge Policy

    If an attendee loses or misplaces their badge at the convention, a replacement badge can be purchased for a fee of $60. Attendee must bring their ID or proof of purchase for a replacement badge to be issued. A partial refund may be issued if the original badge is found, and the replacement badge is […]

  • Day Passes

    Anime Detour offers an at-door, adult, Sunday-only passes for $15 (minor and children rates do not change). If a person is interested in attending Friday and/or Saturday, a standard membership will need to be purchased. The standard membership will allow the person to attend the full weekend.

  • Press/Media Passes

    Anime Detour does not offer any type of a press/media badge for a free or reduced price. Every person attending Anime Detour must be registered

  • Badge Name Guidelines

    A person may choose anything that is family appropriate (by discretion of the Registration staff) and is of reasonable length. Special characters and/or any inappropriate names will not be allowed. Anime Detour reserves the right to alter or shorten badge names as necessary. For any questions or concerns regarding whether a badge name is appropriate […]