Q: I can’t remember if I included something on my panel submission form.

A: If you need to make a correction or have other info that you need verified, please contact the... Read More

Q: How can I add a new panelist to the panel I already requested?

A: Please contact the Programming Department directly, see below contact.... Read More

Q: Is my panel likely to be cancelled?

A: No. We make every effort to include all panel submissions from our attendees and rarely make cuts. If... Read More

Q: When will I know what time my panel is scheduled?

A: You will be sent an email notification as soon as the schedule is finalized. This typically occurs 3-4... Read More

Q: Can I borrow a laptop for my panel?

A: Anime Detour cannot provide laptops for panelists.... Read More

Q: Can I use multimedia in my panel?

A: You bet! If you have a laptop of your own and would like to use a projector, speakers,... Read More

Q: Can I run a panel only for ages 18+?

A: Yes! However, Anime Detour strives to maintain a family-friendly, PG-13 rated (at most) convention. If the panel you... Read More

Q: Can my panel be longer than an hour?

Q: No. To ensure that everyone who wants to run a panel is able to, panels should be kept... Read More

Q: Can my panel be at a specific day/time?

A: No. However, if you will not be at the convention until a particular time or are otherwise committed,... Read More

Q: When can I see the complete schedule of events for the convention?

A: The finalized schedule will be available on the site 3-4 weeks prior to the convention.... Read More