Q: Can I throw a one-day party?

A: Contact the Room Parties Department and we’ll see what we can work out.... Read More

Q: How long does my party need to be open?

A: Your party needs to be open a minimum of 4 consecutive hours each day on Friday and Saturday.... Read More

Q: Would I be able to request additional items like : TV, chairs, water station, or a table?

A: No, the hotel does not have any extra items for your room, you must provide these items yourself.... Read More

Q: Do the party rooms have access to the Internet?

A: The internet access is whatever the standard guest internet the hotel provides. You will not have access to... Read More

Q: Can I have contests in my room party? Can I give out prizes in my room party?

A: Yes. As long as you do not charge for participation to receive in said prizes.... Read More

Q: If I get a drink in one room, can I take it to another room?

A: No. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed to be transported outside of the room in which they were served.... Read More

Q: What do I need to know to serve alcohol at my party?

The party can only be open during stated hours and only if there is an AD badger on site... Read More

Q: How do I put up signs and decorations?

Use Blue Painter’s Tape! This is a rule set by the hotel itself. No other type of tape is allowed. Do... Read More

Q: What is NOT allowed in my party?

Fog machines. Dry ice. Open flames. Make sure your party does not violate other Anime Detour policies, e.g. the... Read More

Q: How loud can my party be?

If your music can be heard approximately two or three rooms away, it is too loud. No speakers can... Read More