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Rosarius Cosplay

Cosplay Guest of Honor

Rosarius Cosplay first started off as Amanda (Amani Cosplay). She discovered cosplay back in 2007 thanks to her older sister, then got hooked on it and started researching cosplay. In 2013 she was able to attend her first convention and was hooked! 2016 she dragged her husband, Matthew, to conventions, and in 2017 she was ready for cosplay competitions. She competed with two cosplay she scrambled to make herself and won best in show. After that she started competing more often and last year won another best in show award. 

In 2016 Matthew started making cosplays and joining Amanda in her craft. Last year they decided to be a confirmed cosplay couple – Rosarius Cosplay. Amanda loves to cosplay characters geared towards video games and Matt tends to gravitate towards anime. Together they make a perfect fit! One of their favorite things to do when creating their cosplay, is to design and construct weapons and armor for their characters.

Rosarius Cosplay’s Motto: “They want to show that anyone and everyone can cosplay – to have fun and let your creativity shine!”

Amanda and Matt will be in the Exhibit Hall, times will be announced when they become available. Please feel free to stop by say “Hi”, they love talking about cosplay, video games and anime, as well as cosplay construction. Amanda and Matt will be joining Dollhouse Cosplay in a panel collaboration called “Crash Course Cosplay”. Keep an eye out for the program guide for date and time!