Exhibit Hall Policies

Anime Detour Dealer Room Rules/Conduct & Preparation

Make your Anime Detour Dealer Room experience this year the best it can be by reading the
following information.

Bag/Coat Check & Size Limitations

There is no Bag/Coat Check for the Exhibit Hall. 

These can include, but are not limited to; large props, wide costumes, long trailing dresses, etc… Please leave these items somewhere safe and do not bring them into the Exhibit Hall. If a member of the Exhibit Hall staff determines your item is too large or obstructive, you will be asked to remove it before entering the Exhibit Hall.

Anime Detour is not responsible for any item(s) lost, stolen, damaged, etc…

Vendor Payment

Many vendors prefer cash and many hotel lobby ATMs run out of money quickly during the course of the convention. Plan ahead and stop by your local bank or home ATM and get spending cash!

Many vendors also accept credit/debit cards.


Shoplifting is not tolerated! Shoplifting will result in the revocation of your badge.

Mind Your Surroundings

Please be considerate to others while in the Exhibit Hall, especially those with special needs. – no pushing or shoving!

Picture Taking

The Exhibit Hall is not a place to pose for photo. Please exit the Exhibit Hall if someone asks to take a photo of your costume.

Do not take pictures of booths or merchandise without asking permission from the Vendor in charge.


Do not be disruptive while in the Exhibit Hall. Anime Detour reserves the right to remove people from the Exhibit Hall for inappropriate behavior.