Anime Detour has Officially Sanctioned Magic & Pokemon Events!

April 20th 2016, 13:56 UTC

New this year to Anime Detour! We have 5 Magic events officially sanctioned through the DCI.Come earn a few Planeswalker Points while having fun at Anime Detour! Come play in either our sanctioned Legacy, Modern or Standard events. Or choose one of our 2 sanctioned drafts! We will have cards to sign up new players and the ability to search your...

2D Con is Taking a Detour!

April 19th 2016, 20:09 UTC

2D Con will be in the Anime Detour Video Game room all weekend long giving Virtual Reality demos (Oculus Rift & Leap Motion) and running tournaments! They will also be taking pre-registrations for 2D Con 2016 at the special rate of $20 open only to all registered Anime Detour staff and attendees!

Parking Update - Overflow and Shuttle Services

April 17th 2016, 11:11 UTC

Hello Anime Detour Attendees, We have some fantastic news today. Our overflow parking lots are the same as last year; however the big change is our Shuttle Service. Our Shuttle Service will be stopping at both the Sheraton and the Crowne Plaza, as well as the overflow parking lots, and running starting Friday at 12 Noon till Sunday at 6 PM....

Continuous Recording and You, an Anime Detour Update

April 16th 2016, 18:20 UTC

Many of you had noticed that earlier in the week we made a post banning Go-Pros from the convention. This is an update on that policy. While Go-Pros and other continuous capture devices are allowed, we discourage the use of that feature as it is prohibited by Doubletree and Hilton policy to photograph and record their staff. We have had a lon...

Prohibited Items

April 14th 2016, 19:00 UTC

Hello Anime Detour Attendees, This is just an update on the policy on permitted items within the Hotel and Convention spaces. As many of you know E-Cigs are only permitted within the Tent we provide for smoking space in the East Courtyard. In addition to E-Cigs, several items have been added to the Prohibited Items list this year. Those items ar...

Charity Auction Special Event News!!

April 14th 2016, 11:55 UTC

Anime Detour Charity Auction would like to announce that we will be auctioning 4 meet and greet packages to spend time with three of our Guests of Honor. The meet and greet packages will be in the silent auction. The auction will be a Friday ONLY auction it will start at noon and end at 8 pm. Starting bid for this event will be $30 dollars. A...

Clarine Harp Workload Conflicts

April 11th 2016, 18:01 UTC

Sad news! With heavy hearts we announce today that due to workload issues Clarine Harp will not be able to join us at the convention this year. We hope to see her again in the future and wish her great luck with upcoming projects!

Mobile Apps

April 7th 2016, 15:55 UTC

Looking for an easy way to keep track of what is going on at the convention? We're glad to announce that the official Anime Detour apps are available now for this year! Download our mobile app to your Phone. We have new versions this year for iOS and Android.

Additional Video Premiere at Anime Detour

March 30th 2016, 16:53 UTC

Anime Detour is proud to announce that we will be hosting the English Dub Premiere for Gonna be the Twin Tail!! on 4/23/16 at 12:15 PM in Atrium 7. Special thanks to FUNimation for bringing us this event.

FINAL REMINDER: Guarantee your hotel room with a credit card

March 30th 2016, 14:26 UTC

Reminder: Friday April 1st is the deadline to place a credit card on your hotel reservation or the reservation will be cancelled. You have two options for doing this: Call the DoubleTree hotel at 952 835 7800, give them your name and reservation number, and a card to put on the room Go onto their website (, go to "My R...

Transfers and Roll Overs are Closed

March 29th 2016, 08:36 UTC

The deadline for online and mail transfers for Anime Detour 2016 has passed. Any other transfers must be made at the convention for a $5 processing fee. Note: The original badge owner will not need to be present for us to process a transfer at the convention, but we will need a completed transfer form that has been signed by the original badge ow...

Ghost in the Shell: Arise

March 21st 2016, 13:12 UTC

Warm up for Anime Detour with a free anime screening! Join us this Saturday for a large-screen viewing of the Ghost in the Shell: Arise OAV, dubbed and released by Funimation. The "Ghost in the Shell" series is rapidly achieving legendary status as a hallmark of anime, if it hasn't already. From the original 1995 film to the 2015 "Alternative Ar...

Video Premiere at Anime Detour

March 9th 2016, 05:43 UTC

Anime Detour is proud to announce that we will be hosting the English Dub Premiere for Black Butler Book of Murder OVA 1 on 4/23/16 at 2:00 PM in Atrium 7. Special thanks to FUNimation for bringing us this event.

The last two badges for Anime Detour 2016!

March 8th 2016, 21:40 UTC

The last two badges for Anime Detour 2016: Rise of the Mecha are now up for auction! These are your last chances to get in and meet all the awesome guests, buy fabulous stuff in our Dealer’s Room, and see all the anime you can handle! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, especially with all the proceeds going to help a student stud...

Hotel Reminders and Check In

March 4th 2016, 07:20 UTC

Hello everybody! As we draw closer to the convention we wanted to give everyone some updates/reminders. Reservations for the DoubleTree: If you have a reservation at the DoubleTree please remember that you must guarantee your hotel room with a credit card before April 1st. If you do not do this your room will be forfeited and you will n...