Information pertaining to Anime Detour 2020 and 2021

Anime Detour 2020

Why was it cancelled?

On March 13th, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, per guidance from health officials, advised individuals and organizations in Minnesota to postpone or cancel events where more than 250 people are expected to gather, as part of a measure to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of this announcement, the decision was made to cancel this year’s convention out of consideration of the safety of our attendees, guests, and staff.

Could you have postponed it?

Unfortunately, due to the availability of hotels in the upcoming months, other local conventions, and the uncertainty revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic, Anime Detour leadership, and our parent organization, Anime Twin Cities Inc, decided that we would need to cancel the event rather than postpone it. Consideration was given to the idea of holding the event later this year, but this would also reduce the amount of time to prepare for Anime Detour 2021 along with the other reasons listed above.

I am interested in rolling over, refunding or donating my registration.

If you would like to donate your registration fee or would like a refund, please fill out the following form: by June 1st, 2020. If you would like to rollover your registration to 2021, you do NOT need to fill out the form, or take any other action. Your rollover will occur automatically.

I paid for multiple registrations. How does the refund or donation option work?

The person who paid for the registrations will be receiving the refund. If you paid for multiple badges and want all of them refunded, the form must be filled out for each badge (legal name of who the badge was intended for, badge confirmation number).

I pre-ordered a T-shirt. How can I get it?

If you are rolling over your membership to 2021, your shirt will be available at next year’s convention; if you’d rather not wait until then, we will schedule two pickup dates at Geek Partnership Society (1121 NE Jackson St, Minneapolis, MN 55413) after the pandemic passes. If you are getting a refund for your AD 2020 membership, we can ship your shirt to you after we finalize the list of people getting refunded. We will email everyone who pre-ordered a shirt once we have determined systems for pickup and delivery.

I was part of a group registration. What is going to happen?

The group will be refunded their registrations. An email was sent to the Group Leader asking for information regarding who to make a check out to and where to send it. Individual checks will not be sent to each member of the group. Please contact your group leader for more information.

I was accepted to Artist Alley in 2020. What is going to happen with the fee that I paid?

You will be refunded your table fee. Table helpers (whose registration was not included in your table fee) will need to fill out the refund form ( to receive a refund.

I was accepted into the Exhibit Hall in 2020. What is going to happen with the fee that I paid?

You will be refunded your vendor fee.

Anime Detour 2021

Why is the convention scheduled for Easter weekend?

Due to competing interests for the Hyatt Regency in March and April of 2021, that ultimately was the only weekend available for our convention. We know it may not be ideal timing, and we understand if you cannot attend due to plans pertaining to the holiday.

Will it still be at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis?


Will you use the same theme of Back to Old School?

Yes, with possible minor revisions to recognize the irregularity of this year.

Will you have the same Guests of Honor you announced for AD 2020?

This is currently being discussed. Guests’ availability for next year will be taken into consideration.

Will the hotel room booking process be different for anyone who was able to get a room for AD 2020?

No, the booking process will go live as normal next year.

If I rolled over my AD 2020 registration, when can I expect a notification/reminder about attending AD 2021?

This will occur sometime after the refund/donation form is closed (June 1st, 2020). When your badge is rolled over, a new confirmation email will be sent to your email.

Please contact if you have further questions.