Volunteer Consuite Department Head

Reports to: Anime Detour Executive Team

Description: As the head of the Volunteer Consuite Department, you will be in charge of providing food for the Anime Detour staff and volunteers. You are expected to obtain food and drinks prior to the convention as well as supervise the distribution of the food and beverages during the convention.


  • Communicate with the executive team and other departments in a timely manner.
  • Annually submit a budget.
  • Annually prepare an inventory of the Volunteer Consuite Department’s items for insurance.
  • Oversee the performance of the Volunteer Consuite Department staff during the convention cycle.
  • Communicate with other departments to determine food allergies, department needs, etc… prior to the convention and prior to purchasing items.
  • Collaborate with the hotel chef to ensure food safety as well as food options for attendees provided by the hotel.
  • Obtain food and beverages for staff and volunteers prior to the start of the convention.
  • At the convention, supervise and run the onsite Volunteer Consuite room, which provides food and beverages to the staff and volunteers.
  • Help with preparation of food for Volunteer Consuite.
  • Oversee distribution of food and beverages to departments onsite prior to the opening of the convention.
  • Oversee Mobile Consuite, which goes to departments and provides food and beverages to staff that are currently on shift and are unable to go to the Volunteer Consuite room.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions on how to improve the convention.