Reservations Department Head

Reports to: Anime Detour Executive Team

Description: As the head of the Reservations Department, you will be in charge of negotiating with Anime Detour’s partner hotels in regards to setting up room blocks for our attendees and coordinating with the attendees in helping making those reservations.


  • Communicate with the executive team, other departments and hotel contacts in a timely manner, primarily through email.
  • Annually submit a budget.
  • Annually prepare an inventory of the Exhibit Hall Department’s items for insurance.
  • Recruit staff members for the department and help improve their professional skills.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions on how to improve the convention as a whole.
  • Coordinate with other departments for required rooms (artists, guests, etc…)
  • Ensure any special needs for rooms are communicated to the hotels.
  • Experience with and understanding contracts is not required, but a plus.

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