Merchandise Department Head

Reports to: Anime Detour Executive Team

Description: As the head of the Merchandise Department, you will be in charge of stocking and selling Anime Detour-branded merchandise.


  • Determine strategy of merchandise available, in accordance with the convention’s theme as warranted.
  • Work with the Themes Department to design shirts and other merchandise using Detour intellectual property.
  • Manage the purchase and storage of new items that would supplement existing inventory.
  • Plan at-con work shifts for Merchandise staff.
  • Plan the distribution of staff shirts at the convention.
  • Advertise items available on social media.
  • Plan the layout of items sold in designated space at the convention.
  • Work with the executive team to determine swag available for external partners.
  • Work with the Executive team to determine contents of swag bags for Sponsors.
  • Work with the IT department to enable online sales, if warranted by demand for merchandise.
  • Communicate with the executive team and other departments as needed in a timely manner, primarily through email.
  • Annually submit a budget.
  • Annually prepare an inventory of the Merchandise Department’s items for insurance.
  • Recruit staff members for the department and help improve their professional skills.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions on how to improve the convention as a whole.