Marketing Department Head

Reports to: Anime Detour Executive Team

Description: As the Marketing Department Head, you will be in charge of the overseeing the Social Media Director, promoting Anime Detour outside of social media and obtaining sponsorships/ads from 3rd parties.


  • Communicate with the executive team and other departments in a timely manner.
  • Annually submit a budget.
  • Annually prepare an inventory of the Marketing Department’s items for insurance.
  • Obtain ads for the Anime Detour Program Book.
  • Promote Anime Detour through various advertisement, virtual and physical.
  • Oversee the Ambassador Program, which includes the road crew sent to advertise Anime Detour at other conventions and the At Con Table Program, which allows other conventions to advertise at Anime Detour. (We recommend a sub-head to head the Ambassador Program).
  • Make arrangements for an Industry Mixer at the convention.
  • Recruit people for the Marketing team, including Ambassadors.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions on how to improve the convention as a whole.

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