Guest Relations Department Head

Reports to: Anime Detour Executive Team

Description: As the head of the Guest Relations Department, you will be in charge of negotiating contracts, facilitating travel, and coordinating itineraries and care of Guests of Honor coming to Anime Detour. Guests include, but aren’t limited to, voice actors, industry professionals, cosplayers, musical talent, and photographers. 


  • Communicate with the executive team, other departments and your staff  in a timely manner, primarily through email. 
  • Facilitate creation of and maintenance of contracts for agents/guests. 
  • Be the primary point of contact for agents/guests being booked for the event. This includes (but not limited to) creating and coordinating travel plans, itineraries, and scheduling panels/shows
  • Annually submit a budget.
  • Annually prepare an inventory of the Guest Relations department’s items for insurance.
  • Contribute ideas and solutions on how to improve the convention as a whole.
  • Recruit and manage a team of liaisons to facilitate the guests appearance at the event and help develop their professional skills. 
  • Communicate with other conventions to share experiences between events and coordinate staff swaps.

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