Anime Detour Staff

Anime Twin Cities Board: Current Board of Directors <ATC Website>
Anime Detour Chairman: Troy MacDonald

You can learn more about any of our Open Staff Positions by clicking the associated link.

Anime Detour Divisions

Hokkaido Division
Michael Nicchetta
Artist AlleyHotura V.
Con CommJohn H.
ProgrammingDavid V.
RegistrationClarissa B.
Reservations[ OPEN ]
– Acting: Michael N.
Room PartiesHolly J.
Video GamingJoe O.
Honshu Division
Andy Tso
Charity AuctionChristina F. & Apple S.
FacilitiesAnthony L.
Marketing[ OPEN ]
Social Media Director[ OPEN ]
Merchandise[ OPEN ]
– Acting: Andy T.
Photography[ OPEN ]
Tabletop GamingDJ J
ThemesJeff S.
VolunteersHope K.
Kyushu Division
Alex Oswald
Volunteer Consuite[ OPEN ]
CosplayJessica L. & Rikeia P.
Exhibit Hall[ OPEN ]
– Acting: Alex O & Emily K.
Guest RelationsChristina F.
ITDrew N.
Logistics[ OPEN ]
TechTristan A.
VideoLee H.