Georgina “Georgie” Leahy, an entertainer with a career as vibrant as her personality, hails from South East London. Her directorial debut, “Someday,” in which she also starred, produced and showcased her original music, has won the audience award at the California Women’s Film Festival and is currently making waves on the festival circuit. Known for her daring and engaging performances, Georgie reached the semi-finals on Britain’s Got Talent and charmed viewers on the Bachelor UK. Her unforgettable portrayals range from Marilyn Monroe to Queen Elizabeth, and she’s shared the screen with stars like Kevin Hart and Terrence Howard. Her talents extend to music and magic, having shared the stage with illusionists Penn and Teller, and as the opening act and backing singer for 80s icon Adam Ant. Now nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, Georgie cheekily jokes she now has “a face for radio,” voicing the sly and captivating Stella in the Streamy award winning animated series “Helluva Boss.” Her early LA days saw her striking poses for art classes, swiftly catapulting her to the revered title of ‘LA Art Muse.’ This dazzling journey is etched in stone with life-sized sculptures by Tanya Ragir soon to be on La Cienega Blvd and vividly painted in Michael Newberry’s masterpieces, with honorable mentions in a tapestry of art books. With her wild, humorous approach to life and art, Georgie vividly chronicles tales from her own whirlwind adventures. Currently weaving more of her escapades into narratives, she’s bursting with excitement to bring them to life.