Anime Detour 2015 Hotel Update

October 3rd 2014, 14:08 CDT | Author: Ted

Hello Everyone,

I know everyone is as excited as we are about the upcoming year, Anime Detour 2015.

We are happy to announce that the Doubletree hotel room block will be opening up earlier than it has in the past. The exact date has not been set in stone quite yet but keep watch on the Anime Detour site for more information. Once everything is finalized we will be release the information to the general public before the actual date and time. This post will include a date and time when the hotel link will go live.

Please know that anyone placing a reservation for a hotel room at Anime Detour must have at least one currently registered attendee staying in the room. 

We also are working with hotels in the area as overflow hotels. We will be announcing the details regarding overflow hotels as well before December.

Thank you for your patience.

Artist Alley applications now open!

October 1st 2014, 12:17 CDT | Author: Kevin E

Attention Artists!  Artist Alley applications are now being accepted. The deadline to apply for a table is October 31st.  Please look at our Artist Information page for more details and a link to the form.


Anime Detour 2015 Panel Suggestions

September 20th 2014, 17:04 CDT | Author: John Koniges

Registration for Anime Detour 2015 is now open and now so are you panel suggestions! 

The panels you see at Anime Detour are a result of suggestions on the hard work of our attendees to volunteer to run them. If you have a great idea for a panel please make sure to suggest it. If you have any questions make sure to ask!

Anime Detour 2015 Dealer Room: Application Form Now Open

September 2nd 2014, 00:12 CDT | Author: Andrew L.

We are looking for courteous, flexible, cooperative, patient dealers selling quality merchandise who can provide a fun and happy atmosphere to the shopping experience of our convention attendees.

All applicants that feel they can meet this criteria are welcome to apply.

For more information head to our Dealers page.

Video Suggestion Form - Now Open

August 6th 2014, 09:51 CDT | Author: Andrew L.

Want to see a certain Anime at Detour this spring? Then suggest it here. The Video Suggestion form is open until October 31st.

Anime Detour Registration Now Open

July 15th 2014, 20:21 CDT | Author: John Koniges

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting registrations for Anime Detour 2015!

Rates are as follows:
Opening of Registration through February 28th, 2015: $50
Sponsorship: $150
Community Sponsorship: $250 ($100 goes to the Anime Twin Cities Community Fund)

Please register early as we will fill up fast. Our cap this year will remain the same as last year. 

This year once registration fills, we will be auctioning off 10 badges. 100% of the money from those badges will be going to a charity which we will announce prior to the auction. 

We look forward to having you join us on our 12th year!

Anime Twin Cities Cosplay Picnic!

July 14th 2014, 14:57 CDT | Author: John Koniges

Anime Twin Cities, the parent organization of Anime Detour, is excited to bring you its first cosplay picnic! If you like cosplay, photography, or just hanging out with other anime fans, join us on July 20th for an evening of fun. Cosplay is encouraged, but not required - you are welcome in or out of costume. ^_^

ATC will provide burgers, hot dogs, and soda. Please bring a side item to share with the group if you can. We have a picnic shelter reserved, so this event will go on rain or shine. 

Date: Sunday, July 20th
Time: 4 PM - 9 PM
Location: Newell Park, St. Paul
Corner of North Fairview Ave. and Hewitt Ave.

Need a reminder? You can RSVP for this event on Facebook:

Or on Meetup:

See you there!

Photos from Anime Detour 2014

April 30th 2014, 20:07 CDT | Author: Oklahoma

So pictures are slowly going up for people to find.  There has been a change with where to find the pictures though. Due to issues with Flickr we will no longer be using them for hosting our photos.  The new site for the pictures is:  Please help spread this around as many people might not frequent this page and might not know the change for where to find the pictures.  Once we are able to get back into the flickr account this will be posted there as well but please help spread this around for people.


April 13th 2014, 18:02 CDT | Author: Oklahoma

So as Head of Photography again this year I managed to take absolutely 0 pictures; but that doesn't mean my staff didn't.  Photography this year took thousands of pictures at Anime Detour.  Now as promised they will be posted, but please give us some time to go through them, edit, sort, and upload them.  We will start having them up around the end of the month at:

Lost And Found

April 7th 2014, 22:54 CDT | Author: Andrew L.

If you lost an item during the convention please fill out the form below. We will do our best to re-unite you with your items. 

Lost and Found

We appreciate your feedback!

April 7th 2014, 22:50 CDT | Author: Andrew L.

Thanks for another wonderful year at Anime Detour. We value feedback from everyone so we can make our convention better every year. If everyone could please take the time to fill out a feedback form we would love to have your input. When giving comments, please be descriptive. "I don't like X" isn't as helpful as "X could be improved if Y was done". 
Simple Feedback

Specific Feedback

Anime Detour App for Windows Phone

April 2nd 2014, 23:19 CDT | Author: John Koniges

In addition to iOS and Android, we now have our app availiable for Windows Phone. Follow the link below to get it for your phone.

Hotel Arrangements - no more transfers needed

April 2nd 2014, 14:32 CDT | Author: Josh S

Hotel Arrangements - no more transfers needed.  Because of the generous help of some of your fellow Detour attendees we have made it to our transfer goal.

Dungeon Marauders

April 2nd 2014, 13:58 CDT | Author: John Koniges

Anime Detour will be the first ever location for the convention specific features of Dungeon Marauders (A Dungeon Delving Card Game for iOS). Get the free game on your phone (, and watch for the posters around the hotel to scan for the Anime Detour specific dungeon. Defeating the Anime Detour dungeon will reward you with an exclusive monster! Also, watch for the Boss button on the main menu to come up. That indicates that there is a dragon in the area that people need to work together to kill. Everyone who helps kill the dragon will get loot.

Learn more about Dungeon Marauders at:

Use of Electronic Cigarettes is prohibited in the Hotel

April 1st 2014, 17:39 CDT | Author: Josh S

We had a couple of people come to us and ask if electronic cigarettes or eCigs were permitted in the hotel.  The answer has finally come back to us, and at this time it is the hotel's policy that e-cigs are the same as their tobacco smoking policy. Outdoor use only at least 25’ away from public entrances.

We understand that some may feel differently about this and wish to argue the point, please do not.  The hotel has their policy in place and we ask that for the duration of the convention you respect that.  Anime Detour will be providing a heated tent (now with lights!) again this year for all of your smoking needs.  We ask that all of our smokers please use this area and keep the enterances free of smoking.

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