Size Limitations

There is no Bag/Coat Check for the Dealer Room and there are new limits to the size of items allowed into the Dealer Room with attendees such as bags, boxes, coats, cosplay props, etc.

The following items will not be allowed into the Dealer Room:
-Coats (especially long, suspicious-looking trench coats)
-Excessively large cosplay items (big swords, huge wings, etc)
-Carried items that exceed the size of Measured Boxes (11″ x 8.5″ x 10″)
-Anything else deemed obtrusive by Dealers Staff

Each Badge Station has a “Measured Box” which serves as a basis for whether or not an
attendee’s carried item will be allowed into the Dealer Room with them.

Attendees with obstructive item(s) will not be allowed into the Dealer Room. Please leave your
obstructive item(s) somewhere safe. Your hotel room, your car, your friend’s hotel room, your
friend’s car, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your friend with an artist alley booth,
etc. are just a few places used by Anime Detour attendees. Anime Detour is not responsible
for any item(s) lost, stolen, damaged, incinerated, mechanized, gooped on, etc.

Category: Dealers Room Policies