Green Room

  • Lakeshore B
  • All entries are required to be in the Green Room no later than 90 minutes before the show starts (Typically 5:30pm on Saturday but exact time will be specified at Orientation).
  • Please check-in with the Green Room head when everyone from your entry has arrived.
  • All entrants are to arrive at the Green Room in full costume and makeup. Special consideration may be provided to entrants with difficult costumes if notice is given to event staff prior to the event. *I understand the wanting to make your costume surprise for the attendees. We request that you come to the green room ready to go if possible or to only do final dress once you arrive. Plan on coming early if you have an intensive dressing to do.
  • Once checked in entrants will be assigned to a area/seat and a staff member to tend to their needs and questions.
  • All entrants are required to follow the direction of the event staff once checked in and are asked not to leave the Green Room for the duration of the event.

Prohibited in the Green Room:

  • People who are not entrants in the event (this does not apply to guardians supervising children).
  • Messy food, food with sauces.
  • Drinks other that water
  • Leaving without acknowledgment of event staff

While in the Green Room, please contact one of the staff if you need anything or have any questions. It is strongly recommended that everyone eat before arriving at the Green Room.