General Information

  1. Check-In
    • Cosplay Contest check-in will be open from 12:00pm (noon) – 6:00pm on Friday of Anime Detour.
    • We will be located on the main floor next to the entrance for the Main stage (Alcove D). Look for our sign and table
    • Please turn in properly completed and signed release forms and other materials including the tech form during that time.
    • If you are unable to Check-In during this time, please contact Cosplay staff before the convention to make other arrangements.
    • All entries must complete registration on Friday & attend Orientation on Saturday morning of the convention.
  2. Orientation
    • All entries, including “wait list” entries, are required to attend the Cosplay Contest Orientation Session at 9:00am Saturday morning in Main Programming.
    • If you do not attend, or show up after we take roll call, you will not be allowed to participate in the contest itself.
    • During Orientation we will go over General Rules and Guidelines, give out times for Rehearsal and Workmanship Judging, and answer any final questions.
    • Rehearsal times will be posted in the green room.
    • We will also handle potential questions or problems we may find with an entry and collect any missing information.
    • Finally, we will let any “wait list” entries know if they will make it into the competition (for example, if another entry isn’t at Orientation).
  3. Rehearsal
    • Please be on time for your rehearsal slot.
    • Rehearsal will be your time to practice getting on and off main stage, setting your marks with the tech crew and hearing the emcee announce your entry.
    • If you have large or bulky props or costumes, this is the time to rehearse moving them on stage and around the backstage areas.
    • You don’t need to be in your entire costume, but if there are parts that might be a concern (anything tall or wide, or lighting issues for example), now is the time to find that out!
  4. Workmanship Judging
    • You will be given a time at Orientation to be judged on costume construction.
    • Workmanship judging will be happening the same time as rehearsals.
    • Judging will happen in Lakeshore C, which is next door to the Greenroom.