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Any group of attendees may submit their registrations together in a single registration packet with a single check. When registering with a group, all badges will be picked up together by the group leader/chaperone. The group leader/chaperone will then distribute badges to group members.

All groups must fill out the Group Contact Information and List of Group Registrants forms.

Any group packet received missing the above forms will be processed as individual registrations, rather than a group.

Official educational groups (i.e. school groups and Scouts) qualify for a $5 discount per registration.

Qualifying your Group for the Educational Discount:

  • An educational group must contain at least 5 members. Additional members may not be added later.
  • School groups must include a cover letter written on official letterhead signed by the school principal, student activities coordinator, or club sponsor stating the group as a part of an officially recognized school organization.
  • Scout groups must include a cover letter with their registered Troop number that is signed by a Troop leader.
  • The discount is $5 off the current individual Pre-Registration rate. This discount CANNOT be applied to Sponsorships.

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