Things to think ahead

BagSuddenly not being able to bring your normal gigantic bag with you into the Dealer Room could confuse you... Read More

Vendor payment

Many vendors are cash-only. Many hotel lobby ATMs run out of money quickly when anime conventions come to town.... Read More

Size Limitations

There is no Bag/Coat Check for the Dealer Room and there are new limits to the size of items... Read More


Do not be disruptive while in the Dealer Room. Anime Detour reserves the right to remove people from the... Read More

Picture Taking

The Dealer Room is not a place to pose for photo shoots so please do not treat it like... Read More

Mind Your Surroundings

Please be considerate to others while in the Dealer Room, especially those with special needs – no pushing or... Read More


Please provide a proper photo ID for proof of age when purchasing adult materials.... Read More


Shoplifting is not tolerated! Shoplifting will result in the revocation of your membership.... Read More