Pre-Convention Form Deadlines

Core Convention Status

Form Status Remaining Deadline Links
Pre-Registration Closed
Hotel Open 13 days Mar 31, 2018
Advertise Closed
Dealers Closed
Feedback Closed
Lost & Found Closed
Volunteering Open 7 days Mar 25, 2018


Form Status Remaining Deadline Links
Cosplay/Masquerade At Convention
Anime Music Videos Closed
Iron Pen At Convention


Form Status Remaining Deadline Links
Artist Alley Closed
Gaming Submissions Closed
Guest Suggestions Closed
Karaoke Requests At Convention
Panel Submissions Closed
Photoshoots Closed
Room Parties Closed
Video Suggestions Closed


Status Explaination
At Convention This form does not open pre-convention and information will be given during the convention. Check the Quick Guide for the program book which will have information closer to the convention.
Stay Tuned This form will open later, but has not been scheduled yet. More details will come soon when the opening of the form is decided.
Opens Later
Mar 17, 2018
The form is closed, but will open on the date listed.
Open This for is open for submissions. Submission will only be accepted while the form is open.
Closed The form was previously open and is now closed for this year. No new submissions are being accepted.