Anime Detour Announcement

Registration Ready to Go for Anime Detour 2018: New Game +!

June 30th 2017, 08:11 UTC

Registration for Anime Detour 2018: New Game + is now officially open!!

Our Rates for 2018, as previously mentioned, have changed a little bit.

We are returning to tiered pricing. From now until February 1st, standard memberships will be at $50 each. The cost will then increase to $60 until pre-registration closes on March 3rd.

Some small changes have been made to both Sponsor and Community Sponsor memberships. The bases have remained at $150 for Sponsors and $250 for Community Sponsors, with the $100 dollar difference going into the Anime Twin Cities Community Fund as it has in the past. The Sponsor breakfast is now optional with a surcharge of $30, and a limit of 100 Sponsors.

Please register early and don't forget to remind your friends! We are gearing up for a very exciting year!