Autograph Policy

We understand that the autograph policies will be new to many of our attendees at Anime Detour. Please take the time to read the entire policy.

How do attendees obtain autographs at Anime Detour?

  1. Attend General Autograph Sessions

There will be (5) general autograph sessions between Saturday and Sunday. Each session will be 90 minutes long. These autograph sessions will be a ticketed event with 75 tickets per session given out. If time allows, we will gradually allow more people into the room.

  1. What time can we line up for each session? Line up for the autograph sessions will begin 30 minutes before each session starts. For persons with disabilities, please notify the ticket handler at least 30 minutes before the session. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  1. Are the autographs free? Each badged attendee will be allowed (1) personal item, badge/program guide or mini poster (provided by Anime Detour) to be autographed for free per guest.
  1. What should I expect when standing in line? Guests are here to see everyone and want to meet as many people as they can. Anime Detour guest staff will be available to answer any questions and to assist with the lines. How can you help?
    1. Please have your item(s) ready to sign before reaching the guest (ex. take out DVD covers from cases). If the guest is willing to write out a quote from your favorite character, please have it written out ahead of time.
    2. We understand that everyone is excited and wants to spend time to meet their favorite Voice Actor. Please try not to spend an extended period of time with guests while others are waiting in line. Remember the guests have more than one signing and can be seen down in the Exhibit Hall as well.
  1. Can I have multiple personal items signed? There is a limit of (1) personal item for each guest per session. However, only the first session attended for that guest will count towards your free autograph. We will be marking the back of the badges when you attend a general session.
  1. Will the Guests have other items available? Yes, Guests will have prints and possibly other merchandise available at their tables for purchase (such as photo ops and voice recordings etc.) Please keep in mind, the prices may vary from guest to guest.
  1. Are there any exceptions? Yes
    1. Funko Pops will NOT be allowed as the (1) personal item to be autographed for free.
    2. Bryce Papenbrook will only be signing badges/program guides and/or mini posters as a free autograph during general autograph sessions. Bryce will be selling prints and other merchandise at his table during these autograph sessions.
  1. Attend Off-Session Signings:

Attendees will have the opportunity to have personal items signed, pick up amazing autographed prints and other merchandise at Guests of Honor signing booths. They are located in the Exhibit Hall. These are paid signings. This means that the attendees must pay the guest for each autograph or item. You cannot use the (1) item autographed for free per guest during these sessions.

Off-Session signings are not scheduled. Please visit social media accounts for Anime Detour and the Guests of Honor, also watch for signs near the guest signing booths for updates.

  1. VIP Sessions:
    1. What time is the VIP session:

The VIP session will be held Friday March 18th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

  1. What time can we begin to line up:

VIPs will begin to line up 30 minutes before the event. For those VIPs with disabilities, please notify one of the guest staff so that we can better accommodate your needs.

  1. Is there an autograph limit for VIPs?

(1) personal item for each guest will be allowed. If there is time at the end you will be allowed to go through again.

  1. Please have your personal item(s) ready ahead of time when in line for each guest of honor. Remember that (1) personal item is free to be autographed per guest.
    1. If allowed to go through the line again, please limit to (2) personal items per guest, however there will be a charge for each autograph. This fee will vary from guest to guest.
  2. If there is a favorite quote for a character, please have it written out ahead of time.
  3. Will Guests have prints available to be purchased?

Yes, Guests will have prints and possibly other merchandise (such as photo ops, voice recordings etc.) available at their table for purchase. Prices may vary from guest to guest.

  1. Are there any exceptions?

Funko pops will not be allowed as the (1) personal free autographed item.

  1. Do VIPs have any special lines or privileges at the General Autograph Session?

No, VIPs will not be given special admittance to any general autograph session during the convention weekend to ensure that as many people are allowed into the autograph lines as possible. The VIPs are welcome to attend General Autograph sessions as well as Off-Session Signings, however, you must wait in line like all attendees.

General Rules:

  1. All autographs are at the guest’s discretion. Anime Detour makes no guarantees of getting an autograph from a specific guest. Guests have the right to refuse to autograph anything based on their own individual discretion. Some guests may have special requests: such as no photos, fist bumps only, no hugging etc. Anime Detour will make those special requests available to attendees as early as possible. Also, the Guest/Autograph team will inform attendees of any changes that occur while in session.
  2. Please be courteous and patient to those around you; whether they are staff, Guests or other attendees. Anime Detour staff will do their best to get as many people through the lines within the allotted time. To help keep the line moving, we ask that excessive conversations be kept to a minimum, as our guests can adhere to the allotted time slots.
  3. For the health and safety of others, please remember to respect the personal space of other attendees in line either for entry or receiving autographs.
  4. Banned Items: Bootlegged and Ahegao as well as other similarly sexually graphic or pornographic items are prohibited to be autographed.
  5. The following gifts are prohibited: gifts of homemade food and gifts of pre-packaged consumables. If you do have a gift for the guest, please present it to the Guest Assistant for approval. Please keep in mind, as gifts are very much appreciated from the fans, many of our guests are flying in from out of state and they may have limited room in their suitcases.
  6. Please No Photography during General and VIP Autograph Sessions.

See the schedule for specific dates and times