Hotel News!

August 28th 2017, 14:26 UTC

Attention fans of Anime Detour! Hotel rooms will be going live soon and we know you all have been very curious about how to get a room for our beautiful new hotel. We have an adopted a system known as Passkey which will make reserving rooms easier than before, it will let you input all your info directly into the Hyatt's database including your ...

Registration Ready to Go for Anime Detour 2018: New Game +!

June 30th 2017, 08:11 UTC

Registration for Anime Detour 2018: New Game + is now officially open!! Our Rates for 2018, as previously mentioned, have changed a little bit. We are returning to tiered pricing. From now until February 1st, standard memberships will be at $50 each. The cost will then increase to $60 until pre-registration closes on March 3rd. Some small...


April 13th 2017, 13:08 UTC

Thank you all once again for being a part of a wonderful convention year. This year we raised over $26,000 for the American Red Cross, saved lives with a fully booked blood drive, had a live concert for the first time in years, and had our highest attendance yet. When writing these posts we have a tendency to say this couldn't happen without you...

Announcing the Masquerade Winners!

April 8th 2017, 21:48 UTC

We are so proud of all of our enterants this year for the Masquerade! And a big thank you to all of those who watched it! We had many wonderful entries this year, and the work that was put in was phenomenal! Our judges have chosen the winners! Please give a big round of applause for these amazing people! Judge's Choice Performance: Entry#5...

Auctioning all these Great Things!

April 5th 2017, 10:18 UTC

Anime Detour Charity Auction is very excited to share some of the items that will be going into the Live Auction on Sunday (Noon to 4) in Main Programming. Stop by the Library Conference Room to view all Live Auction items and/or bid on items in the Silent Auction. **Live Auction will be OPEN to the PUBLIC!!** Donated by FUNimation: Black...

Reminders for Policies

April 1st 2017, 15:25 UTC

5 days from now we will be setting up and then on day 6 we will be throwing a convention! In preparation, we would appreciate if attendees would review our convention policies. These policies are here to keep everyone feeling safe and having fun. Provided below are some quick-links and as-always they can be found on the "Policies & FAQs" tab on th...

Shiny and New!

April 1st 2017, 09:12 UTC

Each year we are able to offer a couple premieres and this year is no different! This year we will be premiering Endride and the English dub premiere of The Black Butler Live Action Movie. Starting at Noon on Saturday in Atrium 7 Endride follows Shun Asanaga, a 15-year-old junior high school student with an optimistic and bright personality. ...

More Sad Guest News

March 31st 2017, 19:15 UTC

It is with heavy heart that Christopher Ayres has informed us he will not be able to attend Anime Detour this year. He is sorry that this is last minute but there are a number of personal concerns which need to be attended to. He wishes us Love and Laughter and we will see him next year.


March 31st 2017, 17:00 UTC

We have hit less than a week to the convention!!! This time next week we will be watching anime, going to panels, and doing this all together!! Can you tell we're excited? Things will be running a little different this year in light of having badges available for At the Door Registration. Lines will be allowed to begin forming at 8:30 am, there ...

We Want to Collect Your Blood (Red Cross Blood Drive)

March 31st 2017, 08:28 UTC

Each year we partner with the American Red Cross to help our community and collect blood to help. Every donation can save up to three lives. The American Red Cross will be joining us again on Saturday the 8th from 9am to 3pm. To donate you must: Be over the age of 17 Bring a government issued photo ID or Red Cross Donor Card Be in good...

We Are All Parts of a Whole

March 30th 2017, 20:58 UTC

We are all parts of one big whole and this event only happens with all of you. If you have down time please come and help support the con by volunteering! You are what keeps the con going and we love you in advance for you help! Come visit us at our spot in room 101 by the Garden Court! 10 volunteer hours and you get a shirt and there are other pri...

Lets go on a Quest! A YogaQuest!

March 29th 2017, 10:22 UTC

Don't breathe on the spirits when you're crossing the bridge, don't accept gold from strangers, and whatever you do, don't forget your name! Join YogaQuest on a magical journey through the spirit world of the Miyazaki classic, Spirited Away! The original YogaQuest class is unlike any yoga class you have experienced before! It is a unique blend of ...

X Rocker Game Chairs are coming?!

March 26th 2017, 19:02 UTC

Anime Detour has been graciously granted 3 X-Rocker game chairs this year to pass on to you! X Rocker Gaming chairs combine the great visual experience you are having with built in surround sound and a comfortable seat! During the convention there will be a few different ways to get one! One chair will be available in our Charity Auction, th...

Happy Guest News!

March 25th 2017, 14:38 UTC

While we were very sad to see Christopher and Rachel go for this year when one door closes another opens! This afternoon we are happy to announce that we will be joined by Kaiji Tang! An avid lover of gaming and all things food related, Kaiji Tang has been working as a voice actor in Los Angeles CA since 2007. In the world of vid...

Sad Guest News

March 23rd 2017, 12:07 UTC

Due to some very last minute and unforeseen circumstances beyond anyone's control it is with great regret that Christopher Bevins and Rachel Robinson are unable to attend Anime Detour this year. We are all saddened by this but we will see both of them in the near future at an upcoming Anime Detour.