Dealer Room: Application Form Now Open

November 1st 2011, 22:07 UTC

We are happy to announce that the Anime Detour 2012 Dealer Room Application Form will be open November 1-30, 2011 however the order in which applicants apply is irrelevant. What matters is applicants apply within the time-frame given. We are seeking courteous, flexible, cooperative, patient dealers selling quality merchandise who can provide...

Important Hotel Information for Anime Detour 2012

October 31st 2011, 12:08 UTC

Hotel Reservations will go live on November 18th for both the DoubleTree by Hilton in Bloomington and the Sofitel. Because the hotel has changed from a Sheraton to a DoubleTree we have had to rework our reservations process. There will be an official DoubleTree by Hilton web page for reservations that will be linked from the Anime Detour front...

Lolita Hats Creation at the St. Paul Public Library

October 25th 2011, 20:13 UTC

A note from our friends at the St. Paul Public Libraries! Due to overwhelming demand, we were not able to accommodate every person who wanted to make a tiny lolita hat at Anime Detour this year. But thanks to Anime Twin Cities partnership with St. Paul Public Libraries, we are pleased to offer two SECOND CHANCE lolita hat workshops! ...

Room Party Requests Open

October 23rd 2011, 15:58 UTC

If you are looking to host a room party, the request section is now open! Please fill out the form at Be sure to read the rules and information at before you fill out the form.

Video Suggestion Deadline Approaching

October 17th 2011, 13:29 UTC

The Video department is taking suggestions for titles to be shown at Anime Detour through 10/31/11. To make your requests, please fill out the [form]. We are looking for new/upcoming US releases, favorite series, and shows that reflect the It Came From Japan theme such as genres popularized by Japan, or shows that have strong Japanese cultural e...

Artist Alley: Table Request Period Open

October 6th 2011, 18:49 UTC

The Artist Alley table request [Form] is now available for interested artists and studios. The form will be available from October until the end of November. During this time the Art Department will collect the requests including sample art for each artist/studio. Do not worry about being first as the Art Department no longer decides based on ti...

Helping a Good Friend

September 19th 2011, 06:52 UTC

Anime Detour Congoers, we want to ask your help in helping a long time and dear friend of Anime Detour, Greg Ayres. He is in need to some assistance and anything that you can give will be greatly appreciated. Please Check out our donation page and read about this worthy cause [Outreach].

Guests Announced for 2012

August 27th 2011, 18:59 UTC

Guest suggestion period is now closed. We are excited to announce our guests for Anime Detour 2012! More information can be found at [Guests].

Anime Detour Hotel - New Ownership and Name Change

August 1st 2011, 14:08 UTC

Anime Detour's hotel has officially become a DoubleTree by Hilton property as of July 28th. As the head of the hotel department for Anime Detour I was invited to attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony and welcome in the new DoubleTree hotel. I can tell all of you that the DoubleTree remains commited to being a partner with Anime Detour an...

Anime Detour 2011 Masquerade Winners

July 26th 2011, 13:10 UTC

The convention may be over for this year, but that won't stop us from getting you exited for next year! Did you miss the masquerade? Check out the winners here and see why you need to make sure to attend next year. [Registration] is now open and don't forget to like us on [Facebook]! Amazing work to everyone that entered!

Guest and Video Suggestion Forms Open

July 9th 2011, 17:04 UTC

The Guest & Video sugguestion period is now open. Please fill out the form and submit your sugguestions before the end of fall. This will help give us a better idea of what the current interests and trends are for our local community. Sugguestion Forms: [Guests] [Video]


June 27th 2011, 20:55 UTC

Wow. When we made our efforts to raise as much money as we could for disaster relief in April, we were impressed. Not just by the number – because let’s face it, the number was impressive – but by just how far people were willing to go for others in need. How much they would give. How amazing their hearts w...

Pre-Registration for Anime Detour 2012 OPEN

June 26th 2011, 18:15 UTC

This is to announce that we are now taking pre-registrations (online and mail-in) for Anime Detour 2012! There are some things that are new and/or updated this year, so please be sure to read everything on the page, including the section entitled "Updates for 2012" on the general registration page [Pre-register]. Please report any and all is...

Official Anime Detour Registration Facebook Page

June 22nd 2011, 17:15 UTC

Do you use Facebook? In addition to the Anime Detour site, you can also get straight-from-the-official-source news regarding registration information for your favorite anime convention at our offical Facebook page. Head on over and "Like" the official page today! You will get important notifications right to your Facebook news feed for impor...

TRIGUN: Badlands Rumble

June 16th 2011, 16:28 UTC

Hey All! The St. Anthony Main theatre is going to be showing the Trigun film starting July 8th, if you want to see the new Trigun movie on the big screen, this is your chance. The information is below. St. Anthony Main Theatre Opening on July 8th for weekly run [Info] As you may know, TRIGUN is a popular sci-fi action anime ...