A Decade of Construction Short Essay Contest

February 27th 2013, 09:58 UTC

We here at Anime Detour are still looking for more of your favorite memories of Detour from the last ten years! Our Decade of Construction Short Essay Contest is soliciting 250-500 word essays that describe your favorite memory of Anime Detour, or a brief destription of what Detour has meant to you. The winning essay will even be included in t...

Hotel Reservations for 2013 for the DoubleTree are open

February 15th 2013, 11:58 UTC

The Anime Detour 2013 Reservations page is now open. If you have any trouble with the page first try a different browser before contacting us. If you have any issues you can email You can only book rooms between Thursday and Sunday, minimum of two nights required. If you wish to extend your stay through Monday or st...

Anime Detour 2013 - Hotel Reservations Opening Noon CST - Friday, February 15th

February 11th 2013, 14:35 UTC

Please keep an eye here for the link to the reservations page. Please do not call the hotel asking to make your reservation. If you absolutely must call to make a reservation you may do so after Noon CST on Friday, February 15th.

Summer Wars - A Pepito's Parkway Theater and ATC's February showing

January 31st 2013, 10:18 UTC

Free Anime on the Big Screen returns on February 20th with Mamoru Hosoda's supreme sophomore effort, Summer Wars! Once more, we will have two showings: 5:00pm dubbed and 7:05pm subbed. All showings are at Pepito's Parkway Theater and are free and open to the public. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your dog, just come on down and wat...

2013 Anime Detour Fanfiction Contest

January 24th 2013, 14:59 UTC

Is there a fandom that you just can’t get enough of? Anime Detour’s Fanfiction Contest is your opportunity to explore the fandom that you love, and share your fan-created works with the world! Well, with the Detour community at least. The 2013 Anime Detour Fanfiction Contest is now accepting entries. So, weave us a tale and ...

Venus Wars - A Pepito's Parkway Theater and ATC showing

January 13th 2013, 21:23 UTC

In the 21st century, mankind lives on two worlds. Following the collision of an ice asteroid, massive terraforming has made Venus a planet now capable of supporting life. Colonists from Earth tamed the hostile world and have thrived for four generations. But they also brought the darker side of humanity, as vicious gangs roam the streets and riv...

Anime Detour 2013 is sold out

January 13th 2013, 13:49 UTC

As of 1 PM today (January 13, 2013), Anime Detour 2013 has now reached capacity. If you were thinking of registering, we're sorry we will miss you and hope you will join us in 2014.

Your Patience is Appreciated

January 3rd 2013, 22:28 UTC

As we get closer to the convention a question we are getting daily is, "When are we going to open up the hotel for reservations?" Currently we are working with the hotel to get our reservation system in place. As soon as it is ready we can start taking reservations. Please have patience with us as we work to resolve this issue. I promise as ...

Pepito's Parkway Theater and ATC Showing Akira

November 15th 2012, 13:50 UTC

Pepito's Parkway Theater and Anime Twin Cities are proud to present "AKIRA" In this seminal anime cyberpunk film, a biker gang becomes embroiled in the machinations of a secret government project in dystopian Neo-Tokyo. One of the teenage bikers manifests his latent psychic powers in the process, and his best friend is...

Anime Detour 2013 - Hotel Reservation Information

October 16th 2012, 14:45 UTC

The Hotel Reservation system is still in the process of being setup for the 2013 year. When the reservation system is ready to go an email will be sent to individuals registered for Detour 2013 so that currently registered attendees will have first dibs on rooms. The next day the link for the reservation system will be posted on the front page...

Artist Alley Form is now open!

October 1st 2012, 21:28 UTC

Artist Alley applications are now being accepted. A new change this year, is that if you are approved for a table, you will get a badge as well. Please look at our Artist Information page for more details and a link to the form.

New Forms Open as Convention gets Closer

October 1st 2012, 09:50 UTC

The following form are now open. Photoshoots Requests Room Party Request Gaming Suggestions AMV Contest Iron Pen Contest WTF Contest (Back for 2013!) Dealer Applications Advertisement Applications To apply for any of the above, please follow the links on our Status page.

Form: Programming is Open!

September 13th 2012, 21:05 UTC

You can fill out a Panel Request form for Anime Detour 2013 now. All of our panels are fan run, and if you don't suggest it, it may not happen. If you've been dreaming of running a panel for Anime Detour this is your chance.

Form: Video Suggestions Open!

September 10th 2012, 11:27 UTC

Want to see a certain Anime at Detour this spring? Then suggest it here. The Video Suggestion form is open until October 31st.

Coming This October: Anime Fusion!

August 17th 2012, 06:03 UTC

Anime Detour is still eight months away, but you don't have to wait that long to live it up at an anime convention! Anime Fusion is a new event taking place right here in the Twin Cities this fall, October 19th-21st. This new convention is dedicated to bringing the classic favorites of anime back into the spotlight along with today's pop...