Anime Detour Registration Now Open

July 15th 2014, 19:21 UTC

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting registrations for Anime Detour 2015! Rates are as follows: Opening of Registration through February 28th, 2015: $50 Sponsorship: $150 Community Sponsorship: $250 ($100 goes to the Anime Twin Cities Community Fund) Please register early as we will fill up fast. Our cap this year will remain...

Anime Twin Cities Cosplay Picnic!

July 14th 2014, 13:57 UTC

Anime Twin Cities, the parent organization of Anime Detour, is excited to bring you its first cosplay picnic! If you like cosplay, photography, or just hanging out with other anime fans, join us on July 20th for an evening of fun. Cosplay is encouraged, but not required - you are welcome in or out of costume. ^_^ ATC will provide burgers, hot do...

Photos from Anime Detour 2014

April 30th 2014, 19:07 UTC

So pictures are slowly going up for people to find.  There has been a change with where to find the pictures though. Due to issues with Flickr we will no longer be using them for hosting our photos.  The new site for the pictures is:  Please help spread this around as many people might not frequent this pag...


April 13th 2014, 17:02 UTC

So as Head of Photography again this year I managed to take absolutely 0 pictures; but that doesn't mean my staff didn't. Photography this year took thousands of pictures at Anime Detour. Now as promised they will be posted, but please give us some time to go through them, edit, sort, and upload them. We will start having them up around the end ...

Lost And Found

April 7th 2014, 21:54 UTC

If you lost an item during the convention please fill out the form below. We will do our best to re-unite you with your items. Lost and Found

We appreciate your feedback!

April 7th 2014, 21:50 UTC

Thanks for another wonderful year at Anime Detour. We value feedback from everyone so we can make our convention better every year. If everyone could please take the time to fill out a feedback form we would love to have your input. When giving comments, please be descriptive. "I don't like X" isn't as helpful as "X could be improved if Y was done"...

Anime Detour App for Windows Phone

April 2nd 2014, 22:19 UTC

In addition to iOS and Android, we now have our app availiable for Windows Phone. Follow the link below to get it for your phone.

Hotel Arrangements - no more transfers needed

April 2nd 2014, 13:32 UTC

Hotel Arrangements - no more transfers needed. Because of the generous help of some of your fellow Detour attendees we have made it to our transfer goal.

Dungeon Marauders

April 2nd 2014, 12:58 UTC

Anime Detour will be the first ever location for the convention specific features of Dungeon Marauders (A Dungeon Delving Card Game for iOS). Get the free game on your phone (, and watch for the posters around the hotel to scan for the Anime Detour specific dungeon. Defeating t...

Use of Electronic Cigarettes is prohibited in the Hotel

April 1st 2014, 16:39 UTC

We had a couple of people come to us and ask if electronic cigarettes or eCigs were permitted in the hotel. The answer has finally come back to us, and at this time it is the hotel's policy that e-cigs are the same as their tobacco smoking policy. Outdoor use only at least 25’ away from public entrances. We understand that some may feel d...

Overflow Rooms at Crowne - still available

April 1st 2014, 16:30 UTC

Anime Detour still has some rooms available at the overflow Hotel in the AD Block To book at room at the Crowne, in the AD Room Block please follow this link: Or you can just visit the Crowne's website: - Enter check-in of 4/4 and check-out of 4/6 and click Book now, and then use the code ADT for th...

Shuttle service between the Crowne and DoubleTree

April 1st 2014, 16:30 UTC

We will have regular shuttle service between the Overflow hotel, the Crowne Plaza Bloomington and the DoubleTree Bloomington. The shuttles will run every 30 minutes non-stop starting Friday morning at 8am, through Sunday at 8pm.

Social Media At Con

April 1st 2014, 06:08 UTC

Anime Detour is almost here! If you want the latest information at con make sure to follow @animedetour on Twitter. Our offical hashtag for the year is #AD2014. Can't wait to see everyone this year and all the fun thats already in the works. See everyone Friday!

Overflow Hotel for Anime Detour - Update

March 26th 2014, 09:54 UTC

The Hotel team has expanded the block at the Crown Plaza for rooms. Crowne Plaza Bloomington 5401 Green Valley Drive Bloomington, MN 55437 Phone: 952-831-8000 Feel free to call in and ask to book the room under Anime Detour, or use Booking code ADT. We have also extended the reservation window with the Crowne Plaza until midnight on Marc...

Anime Detour Mobile App

March 24th 2014, 09:00 UTC

Anime Detour is proud to announce the mobile app for both Android and iOS this year. To make the app this year we had to start from scratch so some Android users may notice a few features missing from last year. We will be putting those features back in for next year! Android iOS ...