Where is the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis?

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
1300 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Are badge prices going up at the new location?

While badge costs are changing, this is not an increase across the board. Registration will be opening in June with our usual starting cost of $50. Then, on February 1st, the price will be going up to $60, with pre-registration closing in the beginning of March. The at-the-door cost is being lowered to $75, as we understand that there will be new costs elsewhere.

But you're moving to downtown Minneapolis! What am I going to do about parking?

  • Loring Ramp (Attached to the Hyatt): We have negotated a reduced rate from Thursday until Sunday of $13/day, which is a saving of $7/day from their usual price.
  • MCTC Ramp (4 blocks walk): MCTC is offering us overnight parking (Friday-Sunday) in their ramp at the rate of $5 each time you enter the ramp. So if you enter on Friday and leave on Sunday, you will have paid $5 for the entire weekend. Normally their ramp does not allow overnight parking, so we do not recommend parking there Thursday night if you arrive early. We will have free shuttles from this location the entire duration of the convention.
  • Other information to follow at a later date.

There's crazy construction on Nicollet right now. Am I going to have issues getting there?

The construction is scheduled to be done before the Super Bowl in February 2018, and should not be an issue by convention time.

Downtown Minneapolis can be really expensive. Are Detour's hotel rates going up?

Hotel rates are actually going down. The hotel rate will be set for us at $119 per night.

We sell out the hotel in less than 15 minutes. What about the overflow locations?

Our first overflow hotel will be the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis just across the street. It is connected to the Hyatt by a skyway, and the walking distance is shorter than that from the DoubleTree to the Sheraton. We have already contracted with the Millennium to provide us a convention rate at $119 a night as well, with more locations currently being negotiated.

Will you still shuttle to overflow parking and hotels?

Yes! We will finalize a map after confirming all of the overflow spaces.

What about room parties?

We have already designated a space for room parties in the Hyatt that will have the same cost at $119 per night and a much lower cost for bed removal.

What about safety?

While this is a good area of Minneapolis, we understand and agree that everyone wants to feel safe. We have already contacted the Minneapolis Police Department and are looking to have the same positive relationship with them that we have had with the Bloomington Police. We are also looking to maintain our relationship with Hennepin County EMTs.

What about food?

We understand that lots of eateries in downtown close during the weekend. That is why we are developing a map of food options in the area and will be contacting local businesses to see if they may extend hours for us, as JK's Table has done in the past.

I keep hearing that you're moving because of more space, but it doesn't feel more spacious. Is the Hyatt really bigger?

Yes. We are gaining over 30,000 square feet of convention space in addition to many other rooms not typically offered to events of our nature. While many other events in this building only book some of the available space, we are reserving the entire hotel. The Hyatt also has more sleeping rooms.

Wait, so does this mean Dealers will have a bigger space?


And Artists?


And Gaming?


What about Main Programming?

Yes! We're really excited on this one, as the new space will more than double the number of people that previously fit in Main Programming at Anime Detour.

So...this is really what you guys think is best?

Yes. This was not an easy decision to make; the DoubleTree has been our home for the last eight years, and we all have a lot of memories there. We were settled into our familiar spaces, and could probably navigate its halls in our sleep. However, we were all feeling the squeeze after growing here, and we felt like we were doing you a disservice by not being able to do more. This move is going to let us start doing more, with the end result being a better Anime Detour for every person involved.

What if I have more questions?

Send an email to our media team and they will be happy to assist you at media@animedetour.com