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Staff Application Form


The Staff Application Form is configure and hosted with in the Ninja Forms Plugin. This form is linked to by the Dynamic Button found on each Staff Position Description page as found on the Anime Detour Staff page. Unless there is a specific request from leadership (Anime Detour Executive Committee), there should be no reason to edit this form.

This form, on submission, sends a copy to the email address the user supplied and a copy to the distribution list.

Should you absolutely need to edit this form. Make sure that all “Paragraph Text” fields have the “SHOW RICH TEXT EDITOR” setting slider turned to the “OFF” position. This setting can be found by clicking on the form object, expanding “Advanced” and scrolling to the end of the section.

If this setting is turned on, then Ninja Forms will strip all of the line brakes from the field entries and place them as one continuous line of text in the emails.

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