Dealer Room Policies

Anime Detour is a special place and all who attend hold dear memories of their experiences. Now
you can commemorate this year’s Anime Detour experience by finding the things you didn’t even
know you wanted to buy in Anime Detour’s Dealer Room! Whether your souvenirs be body
pillows or statues, plushies or beach towels, doujinshi or a bed sheets, you’ll always find
something to add to your collection in Anime Detour’s Dealer Room!

Anime Detour Dealer Room Rules/Conduct & Preparation
Make your Anime Detour Dealer Room experience this year the best it can be by reading the
following information which contains our new Size Limitations for items carried by attendees
into the Dealer Room (such as bags)!

Dealers Room Policies

Shoplifting is not tolerated! Shoplifting will result in the revocation of your membership.

Please provide a proper photo ID for proof of age when purchasing adult materials.

Please be considerate to others while in the Dealer Room, especially those with special needs – no pushing or shoving!

The Dealer Room is not a place to pose for photo shoots so please do not treat it like one. Do not take pictures of booths without asking permission from the Vendor in charge.

Do not be disruptive while in the Dealer Room. Anime Detour reserves the right to remove people from the Dealer Room for inappropriate behavior.

There is no Bag/Coat Check for the Dealer Room and there are new limits to the size of items allowed into the Dealer Room with attendees such as bags, boxes, coats, cosplay props, etc.

The following items will not be allowed into the Dealer Room:
-Coats (especially long, suspicious-looking trench coats)
-Excessively large cosplay items (big swords, huge wings, etc)
-Carried items that exceed the size of Measured Boxes (11″ x 8.5″ x 10″)
-Anything else deemed obtrusive by Dealers Staff

Each Badge Station has a “Measured Box” which serves as a basis for whether or not an
attendee’s carried item will be allowed into the Dealer Room with them.

Attendees with obstructive item(s) will not be allowed into the Dealer Room. Please leave your
obstructive item(s) somewhere safe. Your hotel room, your car, your friend’s hotel room, your
friend’s car, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your friend with an artist alley booth,
etc. are just a few places used by Anime Detour attendees. Anime Detour is not responsible
for any item(s) lost, stolen, damaged, incinerated, mechanized, gooped on, etc.

Many vendors are cash-only. Many hotel lobby ATMs run out of money quickly when anime conventions come to town. Do yourself a favor while planning your trip to Anime Detour – stop by your bank or home ATM and get spending cash! This will eliminate the mad rush to the hotel lobby’s ATM on Friday.

Suddenly not being able to bring your normal gigantic bag with you into the Dealer Room could confuse you and you could forget where you put its contents if you’re rushing to get into the Dealer Room. Do yourself a favor and designate a new purse/pocket/place for your wallet/money holder to go before you get into the line for the Dealer

Item Check
To aid you in keeping track of your things periodically do the convention version of the Austin Powers necessities check – camera, cell phone, wallet and watch.