ACME is a visual kei rock band from Japan that formed in 2017 consisting of former DIV vocalist CHISA and guitarist SHOGO, former ARTEMA drummer HAL, and bassist RIKITO.

The name of the band means “the vertex of evolution” and the band concept is “Delinquent boys from another world”. Well known for their post-hardcore sound and distinct visuals, ACME has established themselves in the visual kei and metal scene.

Since their debut in 2017, ACME has held regular nationwide tours through Japan, and have also expanded recent tours to include the USA. In 2019, ACME made their overseas debut and in January 2020 held their first headline tour on the US west coast. In the Fall of 2021, ACME returned to the US to perform at Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kumoricon in Portland, and headline shows in Chicago and Costa Mesa. During the Summer of 2022, ACME held their most ambitious North America tour to date, including sold out shows in Los Angeles, Austin, and Dallas along with their very first performances in New York City and in Toronto, Canada.

ACME has collaborated with notable figures around the world, such as YouTuber CDawgVA in his video “I Joined a Japanese Metal Band for a Day” which currently has 940k views. On their track “Come Back to You”, the band worked with Grammy-nominated producer Seann Bowe and engineer Zakk Cervini, who has mixed and produced tracks for blink-182, Bring Me The Horizon, and more. With the power of their charisma and musical talent, ACME continues to be an unstoppable force growing their fanbase all over the world.