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In order to put on Anime Detour each year, we must charge a nominal fee to attend. Your contribution will help our organization invite guests, fill our Consuite with snacks, meet our hotel obligations, and take care of our other Anime related expenses. Even our staff pay their registration to the organization. So, please support the Anime cause by submitting your registration early.

Confirmation Policy

If your check/payment has been processed by your bank, that is your registration confirmation. Please do not email registration within 3 weeks asking for confirmation.

Registration Policies


Important: You are purchasing a membership to a yearly event, NOT a ticket! What does this mean? This means the legal owner of the membership is the person's name who appears on it, NOT the person who paid for it! Providing false or otherwise ficticious names on registrations can make it impossible for a badge to be issued for that registration.

Membership Transfer

Something came up and now unable to attend? No problem, we allow you to transfer your membership to another individual.

Deadline for pre-con transfers: February 25th, 2015

IMPORTANT: To streamline the transfer process, we are requiring the membership transfer form for ALL transfers. If you know you are not going to be able to attend the con, you will need to fill out the form and send it to the Anime Detour mailbox. If you have a scanner and are able to scan it in, we will accept it via email as well. We will not accept transfers over the phone!

All mail in transfers must be postmarked by February 25th, 2015, or they will need to be done at the convention. There will be a $5 administration fee for ALL at-con transfers. This is due to the excessive number of on-site transfers we have had in previous years.

Click here for more information on transfers.

The membership transfer form must be filled out completely and is required for ALL membership transfers, or the transfer request will be rejected outright!

Click here to get the Membership Transfer Form