Cosplay Crunch Time!

February 14th 2017, 09:36 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

With less than two months until the convention now is a great time to review our costume, prop, and weapons policies. Will Asuna's sword get through? Are Dante's guns approved? Is Ashitaka's bow ready for walking the floor? Or will you be sent back to your room or vehicle to stash a prop that shall not pass. 

Our policy can be found here. The only updates to this policy made in the last 7 years have been wording, we have not added anything new during this time. IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT SOMETHING AFTER READING THE POLICY PLEASE ASK. We don't want you to get to the convention and then be super sad because the prop you worked super hard on is not allowed. 


One Month until Pre-Registration closes!

February 13th 2017, 17:32 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Afternoon Everyone!

We'd like to make a brief interruption to your regularly scheduled day as a reminder that we are just a month away from registration closing! Registration will be closing at midnight on March 12th if we do not fill up before then. If your friends haven't registered yet remind them now! If any registrations are left at the door it will have a cost of 100 dollars.

Its a great time register!

Another Guest of Honor!

February 8th 2017, 14:53 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Two Guests of Honor announced in less than a week! Today we would like to announce Geoff Thew, of the Youtube channel Mother's Basement. He has made a name for himself picking apart the little details in Anime. From the way that editing and cinematography affect the tone and meaning of a scene, to the multitude of references hidden in your favourite anime intros, he draws on his film school background to highlight the craft and effort that goes into making the shows you love. 


February 3rd 2017, 19:23 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Welcoming Project BECK!


American Pop Punk band The Cheyenne Line, Youtube musician Kid Yuki, and long time friend and bassist Houston all shared one thing in common; They LOVED Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad. So, after years of traveling from state to state attending conventions as fans, these guys decided to combine their talents. With the help of voice actor Greg Ayres, and nerdcore rapper Doctor Awkward they formed a band to perform their favorite songs from Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad. Originally meant to be a one performance only project, they were thrilled to find out that so many others wanted to share in the experience as well. Join the band for their first midwest performance full of loud rock music, adrenaline, and celebration of an anime that was made to Hit in The U.S.A.!

Tomorrow! Outpost Anime!

January 27th 2017, 10:19 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Counting the days until Anime Detour? Escape the long, cold months between now and the convention by joining us at ATC's 3rd-annual winter festival! It's open to all, family-friendly, and free. Invite your friends and help spread the word!

Here are some of the activities we have planned:

- Craft workshops
- Cosplay contests
- Photo sessions
- Anime screenings
- Video gaming
- Tabletop games
- Group games
- Door prizes

The best part is, admission is FREE! Donations are welcome, and there will be snacks available for sale, but there is no charge to attend the event. Brave the frozen tundra and join us at the Outpost!

Saturday, January 28
1:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Geek Partnership Society
Waterbury Building Suite 106/107
1121 Jackson St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Enter through door C, on the parking lot side (facing Central Ave).

Meeting Reminder

January 21st 2017, 16:45 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Afternoon Everyone!


Please keep us in mind for planning your day tomorrow! This is your friendly reminder that tomorrow at 1 pm we will be having our large open staff meeting complete with presentations on who each department is run by and what that department does. If you have been thinking about joining or just want to know more about how things are run this is a great place to start. We will be meeting at the Geek Partnership Society at 1121 NE Jackson St, Suite 106, Minneapolis, MN, 55413.


We hope to see you there!

Ways to Get Involved

January 15th 2017, 16:52 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Anime Detour every year is run by a big group of volunteers. We are always open and ready for more people to join. This upcoming Sunday, January the 22nd, every department will be making a short presentation on what they do. This is a great time to come and see where you would like to help! Our meeting will be held at 1pm at the Geek Partnership Society, 1121 NE Jackson St, Suite 106, Minneapolis, MN, 55413. It will also be followed with snacks! 

January 7th 2017, 19:56 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Some of you may have noticed that we have sold out of sponsor registrations. Due to feedback we received in the past, in order to make sure we provide the best experience possible, we have limited the number of sponsor badges this year. At this time we have eight left. We encourage those that want to be registered as sponsors to register soon as we expect these to sell out quickly.

We hope you're getting excited! We're only three months away!

Hotel Room Updates

January 5th 2017, 19:26 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Evening Everyone!


At this time we'd first like to start by thanking everyone for being so patient during this progress. We've been asking you to hold tight for a while here and it will be just a tiny bit longer. We recently found out that the hotel had a glitch in their system preventing them from sending out the confirmation emails. This has been fixed! All confirmation emails should be received by Wednesday, January 11th. This email with cover all steps needed to lock down your room with a credit card. 


We apologize for all the hiccups and inconveniences this has caused. Our Chairman has requested that any complaints on this are sent directly to him at

Last Minute Gifts

December 23rd 2016, 18:09 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Have you hit a wall on figuring out what to get someone? Are you in the last minute present crunch? Anime Detour Registration is a great choice of gift! Just a few quick clicks here and your friend or loved one can be registered for the entire weekend. We routinely see a very large spike in registration this time of year so get your registration in before we fill up! 

More Request Forms Now Open!

December 26th 2016, 20:14 CST | Author: Troy M.

Do you have a game you would like to see at Anime Detour 2016?  Let us know what you would like to see from the worlds of Electronic and Tabletop Gaming!  Fighting games, shooters, shmups, collectible card games, role playing games, deck builders, etc.  Please let us know if you are able to assist with running the game and/or provide a copy of the game.  These forms will be closing promptly on February 1st.


Would you like to throw a party? Room Party forms are open too! Room Parties are a great way to get involved or promote another event. These forms will be closing on February 3rd.


We would also like to take this time to remind you that forms are currently open for advertising(closing on January 15th) and panel submissions(closing on January 31st). 

All Full!

November 26th 2016, 13:12 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Thank you everyone for filling up the hotel so fast on yet another great incoming year.


If you are still looking to join the wait list that can be done here:


Do not forget we still have overflow locations with a 24 hour shuttle as well. They can be booked in these ways:

The Crown Plaza has signed on to be an overflow hotel again. You can call them at (952) 831-8000 and mention that you are with Anime Detour 2017.


Starting at $99.00 + tax/night

The Sheraton has also signed on to be one of our overflow hotels this year. Their number is 1-800-325-3535 and mention that you are with Anime Detour 2017.


Starting at $137.00 + tax/night


We look forward to seeing you in just over 4 months!

Hotel Opens!

November 26th 2016, 12:05 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Afternoon Everyone!


Here is what you have been waiting for! Below is a link to put in a request for a room at the DoubleTree hotel. Please click on the link, select if you would like a room with one King size bed or two Double size beds and then enter the information requested.
After you have entered the information you will receive a confirmation from us that you have submitted the requested information. If you leave out a convention registration number we may move on to the next person.

After the room block has filled we will be sending this information to the DoubleTree for processing. This will take some time to do so please be patient. Once you receive a confirmation email from the DoubleTree there will be information on that email on how to guarantee your room with a credit card. DO THIS! If you do not by the time requested on the email you will forfeit your hotel room.

If you happen to miss out on a room please add your name to the waiting list. We will offer up rooms to people on the list as they become available. 

If you would like to stay at one of our overflow hotels please find the hotels below with how to reserve a room at that hotel. We will be running shuttles (better than last year) to each of our overflow hotels. More hotels may be added to our overflow block if needed.

If you want to run a room party please wait for tomorrow when we will be opening forms.
If you are a dealer please contact
If you are a group registration (anime club, etc) please contact

So here you go:

DoubleTree Hotel: 


Starting at $127.00 + tax/night

(Update) Queen Beds are sold out.

(Update) King beds are sold out.

Please use the following link to place yourself on Anime Detour Hotels waitlist.



The Crown Plaza has signed on to be an overflow hotel again. You can call them at (952) 831-8000 and mention that you are with Anime Detour 2017.


Starting at $99.00 + tax/night

The Sheraton has also signed on to be one of our overflow hotels this year. Their number is 1-800-325-3535 and mention that you are with Anime Detour 2017.


Starting at $137.00 + tax/night

Reminders for Tomorrow

November 25th 2016, 16:05 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Afternoon Everyone!

We hope you are all having a great holiday weekend with your friends and family. Just a few quick reminders for tomorrow. Hotel reservations will be opening promptly at noon. This year we are requiring your registration confirmation number to go with your hotel registration as well so if you have not yet registered please do so today.

Please remember that if you do not get into the main hotel this is not the end of your convention attending experience. We will have overflow hotels with shuttles running 24 hours a day during the run of the convention. There will be more about this when we open registrations tomorrow.

Get ready everyone! We're less than 24 hours to hotel reservations and only 4 months(and a week) to the convention!



Guest Update!

November 14th 2016, 18:58 CST | Author: Morgan Niemeyer

Hi Everyone!

If you have been watching the guest page you will have already seen this, but as of today we would like to officially announce Beau Billingslea as an official Guest of Honor for the 2017 convention. Beau has a long resume including voice acting in some of our favorite animes such as Cowboy Bebop, Naruto, Bleach, and Gungrave.


More guests to come soon!

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